Diet therapy for cancer

Has anyone here used diet therapy or personally know of someone who has used diet therapy for treating cancer?


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    Read "About Us" here:

    I go to their store run out of their home in Redmond, and they are very warm, giving people. Susan had thyroid cancer and is cancer free with zero traditional treatment. She recently helped me go back to raw for my systemic lupus and they have offered to help my doctor communicate with other M.D.s who use a specific type of detox (zeolites?). Her husband also helped me find ways to educate my husband about the diet, and they talked to my mom and she is 100% supportive of my diet choice (I do still take a non-traditional medication - low dose naltrexone - with the hope of not needing it some day).

  • I have not tried it, but when my uncle got cancer, my mother helped him in changing from his SAD diet to mostly juicing...his tumor was greatly reduced, but not completely reversed (I think he wasn't to into keeping with raw), anyway, it did make a difference! Check out this site for the proven Gerson therapy:

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    look up "the grape cure" on google. gerson therapy is great too.

  • I know someone who has used diet as well as some other stuff like acupuncture. Not completely cancer-free yet, but well on the way!

    In addition to the great stuff already mentioned, I have read about mega-doses of Vitamin C for cancer therapy (titrated to bowel tolerance), as well as the Budwig Protocol which uses dietary therapies, and fasting. The interesting thing I've read about fasting is that the body sees a tumor as a protein source and basically devours it. Way cool!

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