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Hi everyone

I really love dehydrated buckwheat, Ive been buying it already made . I love them so much but ive noticed i get gas and I get baloated, am I the only one? I also noticed that I dont ever go hungry. Ive been eating 2 to 3 cups of buckwheat a day, would I gain weight by eating 3 cups of buckwheat everyday? Appart from the buckwheat ive been eating the same fruit and vegg each day, they are apples ,pears, romaine and tomatoe . Im basically eating the same food everyday. I really need some variety in my diet. I now only been eating apples, pears, romaine and tomatoe each day. I removed the dehydrated buckwheat from diet, because I feel more lighter with the fruit and veggies. But I keep thinking of the nice crunch from the dehydrated buckwheat, whenever I remove the buckwheat from my diet, I seem to crave it again I feel that i will gain weight, if I continue to eat it:( .I dont add no fat in my diet, no nuts no oils. Im 19, very thin but I dont know what else to eat to keep me from loosing more weight. Please someone help!!!


  • Im trying to maintain my weight!!! What should I eat. Should I still keep the 3 cups of buckwheat in my diet?

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Add in some avocados and nuts as this will help you maintain your weight and you can get the cruch you want from soaked and dehydrated nuts. Also if you have a dehydrator you can still make the dehydrated buckwheat yourself as it is far far cheaper.

  • Thanks for the help!!:D So I wouldnt gain weight just by eating as much as buckwheat I want ,I would really have to add fats to gain weight? :O

    Is there an easier fat to digest, than nuts?

  • I've read articles about buckwheat groats and how they actually help with weight loss, something about the way they enter your bloodstream slowly and balance out your insulin so it doesn't spike. And it's actually not wheat, or a grain for that matter, "buckwheat" just happens to be its name, so it's actually lower in carbs than you think. Gluten-free, as well. I'm not sure if eating 2-3 cups a day is too much, but as long as you spread it out through the day and you're not eating it all in one sitting, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

  • Thanks so much for the advice!!! veggibea:D, I havnt been eating the buckwheat lately, because ive noticed I digest frutis and veggies better.

    I also noticed when I eat buckwheat I hardly drink, with it. I perfer fruit and veggies now, because they have more water and they are fresh.

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    hey sweet! just wanted to drop a comment since i'm a BIG buckwheat fan! dont' know if anything here from my experience will be of any help to you but just in case, i'll share a few things.

    i basically use it as my 'dessert' of the day. i eat anywhere from 1/2 cup to 1 cup per day. i sprout it myself, sometimes dehydrate it, and sometimes grind it into a flour from there... i always add 1tbsp coconut oil, plus honey, cocoa or whatever flavor i'm into.

    for me, 1 cup of buckwheat is plenty. it's 100 calories per 1/4 cup. i'm not limiting myself on calories, but i like to get a much more balanced diet. i always make sure to have fats (oils) nuts, fruits, vegetables and some sugar (honey/dates)... this all rounds out to about the right amount for me.

    for awhile i was using only herb stevia as a sweetener, and i was craving more buckwheat 'dessert'...more and more and more! now that i use honey or agave and get more calories in, 1 serving is enough and i don't want more. something to consider, adding a bit more sugars like dates or agave to your diet?

    i have no idea what's right for you, but as far as maintaning weight or health, it seems like making sure to get the fats and a bit of variety helps the body get the nutrients it needs for all the functions. i think your instincts are leading you in the right direction...

    also, many on the raw diet avoid grains altogether, but if you are seriously losing weight you might consider sprouting wheat or a grain on occasion, in addition to buckwheat. they have more fat and carbs in them. you might also soak or sprout lentils which have fats and proteins. you can make raw hummus with soaked/sprt garbanzos, etc. i limit grains except on rare occasion, but i must say, sprouted winter wheatberries taste far superior to buckwheat! and i adore buckwheat : ) so that's saying a lot.

  • thanks for the advice!!! So to gain weight, Buckwheat wont make me gain weight ? Will I Maintain my weight? Since I dont add any fats.

  • Oh isnt buckwheat a fruit? not a grain:O

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Not adding fats is a very bad idea, you need fats for many body processes such as hormone production and so on.

    hemp seeds are a complete source of protein, and good balanced essential fatty acids profile, should help add more calories.

  • so your telling me buckwheat has more fat and carbs, man I just want to eat 2 to 3 cups a day nad not worry of gaining weight, I just want to eat it and not be scared i dont like fattening foods:S Now that everyone is telling me 2 cups a day is bad, I dont know what else to do!!! I love the dry crunch from buckwheat:(

    So eating 3 cups of buckwheat would make me gain weight the same as eating 2 cups of nuts? Which would make me gain buckwheat or nuts? I dont want to eat buckwheat in moderation, I want to eat it like eating fruits and veggies:( why cant I? I know I dont have variety but I seem to eat the same things because my body is used to these three kinds of foods, and I digest faster:S

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    no, i'm just saying that you are getting fat in your diet, not to worry that you are deprived of fat or something. I think 2c a day of buckwheat is fine and you shouldn't worry, just be sure you're getting lots of good sweet fruit in your diet and your good to go.

  • OK:O I just dont know why I keep craving the buckwheat, Im trying to figure out whats in it thats making me want to eat it all the time:S

    Im going to tell you the truth and I eat this every single day LOL I sometimes change certain fruit around but here it is!!






    cucumber I ran out of dehyrated buckwheat, Im still thinking if I should get somemore buckwheat:S

    Is there any other dehydrated food low fat and low calories:S My favorite snack used to be plain popcorn

    I miss popcorn:( Would it be bad to eat popcorn on a the raw diet?

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