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ERRR I just need to vent. I buy most of my groceries with my college money because it costs too much for my family. I notice that people just throw my food away because it looks rotten, specifically my idiotic step-dad and sister. They have no respect for my food. Take my bananas for instance. My sister threw a bunch of them away because they had brown spots on them. Now I have no breakfast or lunch because they were supposed to last me until Friday. Excellent.

Do you feel possessive over your food? I do and I can't help it. It really pisses me off that my family is so damn wasteful.


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    That's feels better.

  • Brown spots on bananas? That's when they are ripe... and if they are overripe they still make good icecream. Sorry to hear about your troubles - and yes, I am very possessive over my food, after all raw-foodism does require some planning ahead.

  • Eesh, that'd be so frustrating!

    My family isn't that bad, but it really irritates me when jars and containers of mayonnaise, jelly, and leftovers make it impossible to reach the vegetables... It's gotten better, though. Especially after I reorganized the refrigerator :b

  • I love spotty bananas...those are the best ones. AND they're usually cheaper:)

    I feel the same way about food, it's not going in the bin until I SAY it's going in the bin, and htat's only if the bugs have gotten to it before me....

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