Another Newbie :)

Hello all. Been finding lots of great recipes on here since i ran across a link a few days ago and figured if join to bask in the mass of knowlegde here :). Im not totally raw nor do i think i will be but i have numerous severe digestive issues which are helped by keeping moderatly raw. I dont push myself too much if i have items available and it sounds good i go high raw if not i try to keep at least my snacks raw. Ive been enjoying emersing myself in gadgets this last month. I inheritd a nice though old temp controlled dehydrator thatsbeen running nearly every day since i cleaned it and today i recive my order of new sheets as well as a spiralizer. I alredady had a nice food processor and a decent blender so id say im pretty well set :). Its pretty late here so thats about all for me i just wanted to be polite and say hello. I think i will be more of a lurker than a poster but i want to thank you all in advance for sharing with me :D


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