My Cholesterol went up??!!

Every time I give blood they check my cholesterol and I can keep track of it online, I just gave blood tuesday and checked my cholesterol and it went up!

My Cholesterol history is:

April 9 2009: 124

July 22 2009: 111

September 25 2009: 110

February 2 2010: 131

I was vegan/vegetarian every time I gave blood but my diet has been changed about every time. The first time I was probably eating more macrobiotic vegan (lots of grains) then in the summer I got into eating local eggs from the farmers market but my cholesterol went down surprisingly. I was pretty active in the summer but I am way more active now. I was really curious what my level would be now being pretty high raw for around 3 months and going to the gym practically every day. It might be due to the higher fat content in my diet from nuts and seeds that help keep me warm in this cold weather. I usually get around 30% of my calories from fat from mostly sunflower seeds and flaxseeds and occasionally from pumpkin seeds, avocados, walnuts, grapeseed oil and coconut. I am curious how my level will be in the summer when I give 80-10-10 a try.

Anybody have their cholesterol checked and if so what are your levels?


  • Hi. Although I am sure that you are aware, you do not need to worry so much about your overall number...the breakdown is important...LDL vs. HDL. Also, are you just curious about it changing? Or are you actually concerned?...Either way, this book is worth a read...

  • Don't forget, your body also makes cholesterol- it isn't only in your food. That's why some people can have horrible diet's and not have high cholesterol, and others really watch it and have high cholesterol. Also- your numbers aren't high anyways.

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Sisterbecky is right- diet helps to a point, but the level of cholesterol that your body produces is out of your control.

    Nuts, seeds and the other fats you mentioned aren't saturated fat, so I don't see how they could be making your levels higher. Actually, flax seeds, walnuts, and almonds have actually been found to lower cholesterol.

    Mine is around 200 (too high), even though I eat no animal products, exercise, am at a healthy weight, and am in my 20s. I do everything they tell you to do- do cardio, eat flaxseed, walnuts, take phytosterols, etc etc, and I can't get it down much. It's hereditary-everyone in my Dad's family has had heart problems, and my body just produces it.

    This just started 2 years ago- before that my levels were great, so the levels your body produces change.

    I wouldn't worry, though- your numbers are very good!!

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