Juicer question

So, lately I've been juicing because i hear about all the wonderful health/beauty/longevity benefits :)

I've only been using a nut milk bag and a blender because i dont have a juicer... I've found alot of websites where other people say that they do it this way as well.

I'm curious though, is there any extra benefit to me to go out and get a juicer? (I'm thinking about one of the omega masticating juicers)... i like the way my juice tastes, so adding the extra water isnt that big a deal to me... and it sounds like clean up is easier with a nut bag as well.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Do I really need an expensive juicer?


  • well, you can pick up a good masticating juicer for around $200 delivered. I just picked one up for my mother. I personally own a high end centerfugal juicer(Acme) that does a nice job for about the same price only it does not juice leafy vegetables. I have had it for about ten years. The cheaper centerfugal juicers tend to heat the juice and not extract as much juice in addition to not lasting nearly as long. You should guage the worth of a juicer not by how easy it is to clean, but by how well it removes all the juice with as little enzyme destroying heat as possible. A juicer is an investment(in your health)not an expense. My next juicer will probably be a Norwalk. They are still the standard even though they require more work and are quite a bit more expensive, the benefits they provide are priceless and last a lifetime(or as least until the warranty runs out) lol!

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