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As you all know I have moved into my new place. As I was cleaning out some areas and I started seeing dead spiders and dead cockroaches everywhere. I then discovered hidden in a cabinet Ortho cockroach and spider killer she has been using.

I have NEVER used anything like this in any of my places before. I let nature take its course, and if the ants/cockroaches get too annoying i try to find a natural way to make them leave me alone, not kill them. My cat usually handles most of it though.

She moved out over a month ago so its at least been a month since it was last used, but since I found it I feel like I live in a chemically infested apartment. People assure me that after a month of not using it its not active anymore, and when I smell the carpet it smells like carpet, nothing else. BUt I am worred about my cat walking everywhere and licking himself, I already moved everything in, itll be a pain to move everything around for a carpet clean, but if it must be done my health and my cats health is more important.

Any suggestions?

Also, what do I do about the cockroaches? Is there something I can use to keep them out of my house?


  • I know moth balls repel most critters of that type. But they contain pesticides I think. Cedar balls or planks (like the kind in closets) are also supposed to work. I hope that helps.

    I also found these : http://eartheasy.com/live_natpest_control.htm

    Leave bay leaves, cucumber slices or garlic in the affected area as deterrents.

    With equal parts borax and powdered sugar, you can get rid of roaches fast. Leave it out where you think they are entering your house, and the probably won

  • Thanks :) Any help on the chemical thats now at the infected areas? Will my cat be affected? Will I be affected?

    Oh and I just read somewhere borax is illegal in the States?

  • I don’t think there’s a worry about kitty being affected. I had read that the poison in roach motels is just inside, and shouldn’t come from inside to out. At least, that’s what I read.

    I don’t know if borax is illegal or not. Hrmm, good question.

    I also read that you could use baking soda and the powdered sugar.

    I do know that my mom used to use bay leaves in our place, and also the cedar balls.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I’d phone the 800 number or poison control center and ask both of their opinions. I’d totally scrub out your cupboards from top to bottom, countertops, and fridge inside and out bigtime. IF the girl before you wasn’t using bug bombs, then she probably was spraying around the food areas, not on her carpets, as that’s where most of those bugs go. If you apartment has cockroaches, then the landlord must have an exterminator come in at his expense…seeing that this was an existing problem, have you discussed this with the landlord and documented that you had spoken to him/her about cockroaches apparently being a problem in the apartment with the previous person??? Don’t put mothballs around your place or you’ll be breathing in that horid odor/chemical which is bad news, but the other ideas might be a good idea since they are natural… If you have your carpet cleaned, you’ll be in a chemical apartment for sure…especially if you don’t have good enough ventilation from windows to get the carpet cleaning chemical out of there…I’d worry about that more on my cat’s paws, especially since it’d be fresh.

  • Borax definitely isn’t illegal. My mom sat out some borax to kill the ants in our kitchen (it worked pretty well, too)... We use it in the laundry, too. Good luck! Glad to see another animal lover out there.


  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. Creme of Tartar is good for keeping ants out but I’m not sure if it works on roaches. I would clean things out with lemon juice and warm water and use paper towels so you could throw them away.

    Maybe you could get some venus fly traps and they could eat them! I don’t know if that happens but it would be pretty wild if that were an option.. Good luck!

  • Wow I might have to try some of these suggestions myself.. especially for the ants (Here in Kurdistan I’ve counted 5 different types of ants from teeny-tiny red ones that bite.. ouch… to half-inch ones who can carry off grapes) Oh and the roaches here bite too, as I’ve learned from experience.. Nothing like waking up at 2am cause something bit ya just to find a roach on you. EEEEWWW. I found that a mixture of apple cider or white vinegar, salt and lemon juice works pretty well for keeping them away but it doesn’t seem to bother the ants at all.. I know that my mom in CA uses borax for the laundry (I think the brand name is 20 mule team??) It’s not usually expensive either. I’d definitely talk to your landlord about the problem, it’s his responsibility to make sure that pests are gone before he rents the unit.. if you are finding them after moving in he has to take care of it..

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    My question is why worry about the bug killer more than the chemicals in carpet cleaner? Some of these suggestions have been good, but they don’t address the issue of pesticide residue. I’m sure the landlord has used chemicals to exterminate at some point.

  • Yes. I guess thats what I am wondering. Pesticide residue. Ill ask my landlord about the roaches and see what he says.

  • I just talked the landlord and he said he will look into it, spraying the outside. but i would rather find a sure way to do that, naturally. I think Ill tell him to let me try this stuff you guys mentioned before anything.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Ive heard that if you put down lines of Aspartame, that the bugs will eat it and die from it as its a neurotoxin. Ive heard this works for ants, not sure about cockroaches though.

    Might be worth a shot. Its free if you snag packets of that stuff from a coffee place.

  • EeEssEeEss Raw Newbie

    Anti-cockroach chemicals can be dangerous for humans and pets. Try washing all the floor around with tar soap. The mixture of water and vinegar can be used as well. Your cat might do not like its smell but at least these remedies are safe. Here are some other tips on how to get rid of cockroaches. Hope it will come in handy. 

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