Muscle cramp

Hello everyone!

I haven't been on in a while, but am still raw :D just took a break from technology for a while...

So yesterday I was doing some cardio/aerobics and got a horrible pain in my calf. It literally felt like a knife was stabbing in my right calf. I think it was a charlie horse? I am not sure I have never had one. Anyways, I have massaged it, stretched it, drank tons of water, and have had 5 bananas since yesterday... still no relief. Any suggestions? I don't really want to have to rub any kind of balm or cramp reliever lotion onto it, but I might have to :-/

Hope everyones week is going well so far! It's freeeezing here in Texas.



  • Hi, I experienced this recently when sleeping in the night, in my right calf, and drinking electrolyte water for a few days has helped get rid of the cramps.

    The potassium in banana is good, but it has to be the right potassium-calcium-magnesium content to relieve the cramps.

    Hope this helps. I use non which has no artificial or natural sugars.

  • Ah thanks so much! I am going to call our health food store now. I live in a small town in Texas so we might not have that here :-/

    I just read on another forum that sometimes lack of sodium can actually make you dehydrated and have water flush right out of you so you can get cramps like this while running.. & I've heard of people getting them from drinking too much alcohol so ... it kind of makes sense. I don't know though, it's just what someone said.

    Thanks for your help though :D I really appriciate it!!

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Magnesium glycinate is also great. I take around 500mg for maintenance if I'm getting charlie horses in my sleep (not fun) or if I'm near PMS time. Stops the cramping. Otherwise I take a cal,mag, D supplement before bed. I imagine coconut water would probably help because it's often a dehydration issue (alcohol consumption contributes to dehydration quickly and it's not easy on the liver). You may want to read Brendan Brazier's new training book - my husband really liked it and has been using the pre/post work out recipes. The recipes address a wide range of nutritional needs for active people including hydration, electrolytes, etc. My husband is not raw vegan, but he's getting closer (muaahaaahaa.... :)

  • I am around that time of the month.... That has to be it because nothing else has changed! I will try to take some magnesium glycinate and see how that helps! I can barely walk and going up and down stairs is killing me.

    Way to go on your husband!! My boyfriend of four years is slowly beginning to realize I'm right about this one haha! Thanks for the great advice camiheartsraw! I am going to look into getting that book as well!!! :)

  • Hey I know you!! I watch your videos on youtube all the time to stay motivated! Great Advice I am soooo glad you commented because I really do ... i don't know how to say it... trust you more since your SO experienced with raw veganism! I absolutely love your videos!

    I know I am drinking enough water because I go 10-12 times a day and get up in the middle of the night to go as well... I don't think I've added any seasalt to anything lately but maybe my friend put some in the guac she made for me the other day... Thanks for the advice though I really appreciate it! Wish I was an amazing athlete like you... I am working on getting there. :) Do you have a blog? I'd like to follow it!!

    Thanks again!!


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