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Your worst raw food recipe ideas that have gone horribly wrong....

Wondering what everyone elses worst recipes have been.

Here are a few from my hall of shame

-Pure Pulp Crackers

Trying to be a good environmentalist, I decided to use the pulp from my juicer that had been there (the days worth) and make flax crackers with it. There must have been 20 different types of veggie pulp, Collard greens, kale, tomato, carrot, cucumber, beet, pumpkin, squash, apple, zuccini etc. So I tossed them into a batch of flax crackers with some other ingredients. Not a great idea at all. While they certainly were pretty with all the colours of the rainbow they tasted like sewage or something from one of the 7 layers of hell. In fact I am certain that if there is a raw restaurant in hell, these crackers would be all that were on the menu. To make matters worse all the pulp made it seem like you were eating dental floss after the dehydrating. I wanted a bit of extra fiber in my diet but corrogated cardboard would have tasted better.

-Chipotle Inferno Flaming Ring of Fire Crackers

How many chipotle peppers are too much to add to your flax crackers? Apparently 7. These firely little devils snuck up on me. It seemed fine when I was making the flax batter and they just didn't seem hot enough so I kept throwing in more chipotle. Once dehydrated I ate one and it was akin to sticking a flaming hot spoon in my mouth. I had heartburn all night (after one) and could feel it's fire working its way down to well, you get the idea. Had to toss these.

-The saltiest dressing ever

If you love to put a spoon of salt in your mouth then this dressing would be for you. I used miso, nama shoyu and salt with garlic and oil. Duh miso is salty enough without nama and salt. I think I got my yearly supply of sodium in one serving.

What are some of your food nightmare creations?


  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Guh, the worst was out of a recipe book! I won't name the author out of respect, but it was the first thing I made that was so bad I had to throw it out. It was a combination of asparagus, avacado, spinach, and a few other vegetables. No spices. Blend and vomit.

    Fortunately most of my other foods have turned out pretty well, but I have years of expirementing (at times VERY unsuccessfully) with cooked. Oh, except for the pear dressing with tumeric. I've found that very much tumeric and coriander without cumin to balance it out is eVEEEL. Tumeric cooked and tumeric raw are very different to me. The recipe had cashews, pears, tumeric, and a couple other ingredients. Jaundice Dressing. Blech.

  • I tried making an Asian pear chutney once... it did not work.

    Tomatoes, avocados, Asian pears, cucumbers, cumin, chili powder, probably some other things. Too many flavors. And I'm not the hugest fan of Asian pears to begin with.

  • Yes I have made some gross stuff out of recipe books too. One being Mushroom Ragout. I love mushrooms but it looked like vomit and tasted pretty much the same. Yuck.

    Jaundice dressing LOL.

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Did a green smoothy ones with red cabbage (red cabbage cooked with some apple is nice) but raw is terrible 8).

    and not forgetting "surinaamse spinazie" Klaroen - Amaranthus dubius I don't know the English name but its green, put it in the blender and it was a mistake very stringy uneatable mes.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    definitely the "pumpkin pie" from ani's cookbook. eeekkkk. i had to use sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin because the grocery store didn't sell it. it was absolutely disgusting. i had to throw the entire pie away.

    also, i juiced celery, cucumber, parsley, and tomato together. i couldn't even smell it without gagging. ugh.

  • sv3sv3

    My first raw disaster was a chilli recipe from this site.

    I stupidly thought it would taste just like the cooked version and had a nasty shock!

    I also did a terrible batch of crackers with veg pulp, they stunk! Literally!

    In the whole time I've been raw though, I've not had that many nightmare dishes.

  • Looove your recipe stories :) They're hilarious :) I haven't had too many raw "uncooking" disasters, but usually my dinners end up looking like really unappetizing gloop :( At least my husby is a good sport about eating the stuff that looks like someone puked in a bowl :) Sometimes when I juice especially when I'm using up whatever's left in the fridge before our next CSA box it looks especially bad, quite sewagy :( Yuck :(

  • Well as long as it tastes good! That is all that matters. And if it is gloop then it goes down easy!

  • veggie juice pulp patties, aka veggie burgers- with beets and cumin and... ewewew

  • I tried to take some cabbage and put it with water into a dehydrator and thought maybe it would warm up be a little bit like when it is being cooked but all i got were some leaves that tasted like paper

  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    One of my first green smoothies I ever tried to make was from Sarma's 'raw food real world' book..she loves parsley and cilantro in her smoothies so I made a basic green smoothie then added a big bunch of cilantro...WOW it was horrible. And I used to love cilantro on mex food..NOT in a smoothie . I still have crazy love for Sarma tho, she can do no wrong in my book :)

  • well, my worst raw recipe to date was a green smoothie out of the boutenko book... i liked many of the others... but this one was not good for a new palette. it was a bunch of parsley, mango, and i don't remember what... i tasted it, and said, NO WAY, but i'm not wasting it... so i gagged pinched my nose and did a good ole college chug... big mistake... i dry heaved, i could taste it when i burped, i went and worked out afterwards and could taste its smell from my stomach through my esophogus. it was so disgusting, that i still cringe when i speak of it! mrs. boutenko, i LOVED the others... no parsley though for me..

  • I had made a smoothie with oranges, cacao, and goji berries. It sounded like it would taste good but ewwww. I tried to force it down anyways. I just couldn't waste the cacao and goji!

  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    i tried to make a green smoothie with mustard greens once.. i ended up throwing it out

  • XD

    Awesome forum!

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