My very first green smoothie! :) + food combo questions....

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Okay, so I've taken the jump. Pretty much our whole budget for this week went towards fresh fruits and vegetables. (As some of you know, I live on a stomach tube and have been dying to transition back off the non-vegan canned formula I've been on for months. So, I've got a Vitamix coming in 10 days and in the meantime I've been doing what I can with a regular blender and a strainer...) Today I went ahead and replaced my breakfast with a green smoothie! And then I also had a carrot-orange-grape-celery drink later. The neat thing is without even trying, these together ended up being 81.5 carbs/11.5 fats/7 protein. So close to an almost perfect 811 ratio, even though i wasn't specifically aiming for that.

Two questions:

First, i looked up the nutritional value of my green smoothie on nutrition data and found out I was getting 596% of RDA Vitamin A, and 242% of RDA Vitamin C, etc. This unnerved me a little bit, am I overdosing on vitamins?

Second: I've been reading up on food combination but right now it seems a little complex and it'll take me some time to learn and memorize it all. So I'm wondering if any of you can look at what I put in my smoothie and tell me if any of the foods should NOT have been combined (and why):

1/2 head romaine lettuce

chunk of cucumber

1/2 tomato

1 banana

1 small avocado

1/2 orange

1 Fuji apple

1/4 c oats (to complete the amino acids)

And my snack drink:

1 Carrot

1 Orange

1 c grapes

1 stalk celery

Thanks! :)

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