New to raw - pls suggest easy raw food books

Hi There,

I am kinda new to the whole raw movement, and would like to find out some good raw food cookbooks I should invest in.

Any suggestions...

I am allergic to soy and am looking for easy prep recipes.



  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    I love Ani Phyo's books, the are full of simple recipes that use ingredients that arent too expensive. Its called Ani's Raw Food Kitchen.


  • The complete raw food guide is great. It has over 250 recipes from top raw chefs around the world.

    There is something for everyone in the book. Some recipes are super easy and others look like they would take days to make. There is one recipe that has 40 ingredients in it. I will accept the challenge one day....

  • Easiest is Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw Food for One or Two People

  • I concur with Alicia's recommendation of Raw Food Made Easy for One or Two People by Jennifer Cornbleet. You can buy almost all the ingredients used in the recipes at your local grocery store; you don't need a dehydrator or even a high-speed blender; the recipes are really easy. It's the first raw book I got, and I still use it (or actually, I have memorized the recipes I use most.) It's not 'gourmet' but contains good, basic recipes for everyday use.

    Ani Phyo's book that Lil Earth Muffin mentioned has a lot of easy recipes too. A lot of Ani's recipes do not require a dehydrator (this is key for me, because I still don't have a dehydrator and don't intend to get one.)

  • sv3sv3

    Yep, Jennifer Cornbleet or Ani's books are the way to go. Plus this site also has some knock out recipes.

  • I am new too, I just bought Jennifer Cornbleet's and it is pretty great. All you need is a blender and a food processor and you can make everything in her book easily.

    I am not in love with cold soups, but I do love her dessert section!!

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