New updates...

The updates from this weekend are great- keep up the good work! Shelley


  • Thanks! One thing we were thinking of adding was information about the ingredients. Say you have a “squash” as an ingredient in your recipe, for example. When someone looks at the recipe, maybe the word “squash” could become a link (if we had info on what a squash was) and if one clicked on it, they would be able to find out all about that particular ingredient, maybe even with a picture.

    I was thinking that it would make it a lot easier for beginners to figure out what the heck they had to look for in the grocery store, and why it was so healthy for them, and so on.

    If folks are interested in this idea, and might even want to help out, that would be awesome – let us know!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Yeah, that be especially good for some ingredients that are less well known. I was surprised to discover that people do not know about papayas or mangos.

  • What a fantastic idea. It would be a great support to us all. I’m forever just a beginner:-) Thanks so much for your amazing assistance.

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