Is buying store bought almond milk, almond butter, honey etc. that doesn't claim raw, really that di

I am just starting a raw diet. I went to whole foods and found items like Raw honey and Raw almond butter right next to the other kind and the price difference was huge. I also saw items like almond milk, but I read that you should make your own. I don't have that much money or time right now. Is it really that different to buy the items that don't claim they are raw, and buy almond milk instead of making it?


  • Yes it is different, in that heating food kills enzymes and such ( dont know all of the specifics....)

    BUT i buy almond milk at the store because I am not 100% raw, and it is much more convenient, and infinitely better than cows milk, and i dont use it often. As far as the almond butter, i cant afford it whether it says raw or not, so I dont buy it. But i am under the impression that anything in a jar or can is pasturized in someway, and so is not really raw.

    One tip though, check the bulk section. Things like raw nuts, dried fruit, and honey are often cheaper there and saves on packaging.

    Also, Whole Foods isnt called Whole Paycheck for nothing. See if there are any co-ops or local markets in your area who might be a little cheaper. And there are loads of websites where you can buy raw products that I hear are cheaper.

  • Thanks for your tips.

    And check this out. We can make out own nut butters really easily! I had not idea! Super cool.

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