How to bulk things up?

I went for a colonic last night & once again everything came out in pieces (like undigested food). I chew very well and I take my time when I eat, but it's still not binding together. It's almost like I took a vacuum cleaner and sucked everything up. I find that the only thing that bulks up my poo is when I eat starchy things, like bread and crackers. But I'm trying to avoid eating grains.

So, I was wondering, since quinoa and buckwheat are not technically grains (they are seeds, right?), would it be ok to eat a bit everyday to harden things up? Also, How would I eat them raw. I know I would have to sprout them, but then what do I do with them? Would it be bad to eat them cooked?

Any advice would be appreciated :)


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    hey girl!! i think buckwheat tastes really good as buckwheat crispies. the recipe is in ani phyo's cookbook or i could just email it to you. they taste great with chopped fruit and some vanilla nut mylk or some chocolate nut mylk. they are also pretty versatile in desserts. i know you'd have to soak and dehydrate them, but it's really worth it.

  • sv3sv3

    I love buckwheat and here are some great recipe ides:

    or quinoa:

    If you make buckwheaties (like JB suggests above), you can use them in desserts and stuff. I really like throwing them in my banana whip as it adds a great crunch.

    I cannot get enough of buckwheat!

  • Although i have been doing a lot of reading lately i am still very new to nurtrition and how everything works in the body. Some people say you don't need the grains because there is plenty of fiber in plant foods when you are eating it raw and then others say you do need them.. ugh.

    Well what i was going to say in addition to the above posts (unless you are doing this already) proper food combining really helps me get things moving better.

    There is more info on this in Natalia Rose's "Raw Food Detox Diet" (even though we are not talking about dieting)


    Thanks guys for all the recipes! They all look so good, but I don't have a dehydrator. I'll try the buckwheat porridge and the quinoa breakfast too.

    I had cooked buckwheat and quinoa porridge tonight. I didn't have any raw stuff that was ready from being sprouted tonight, so I opted for a cooked version. I'll see how things "go" tomorrow!

    Butterfly3588, I'm pretty good with proper food combining. I pretty much eat monomeals or no more than 3 indregients, so I don't think that it's the problem. I think that it's because I am not eating enough soluble fiber so there is no bulk. Thanks for the tip though :)

  • oh, try the buckwheat porridge!! i did this morning, delicious! thanks sv3 for suggesting it.

    i wish i had an answer to your problem.

    even though this dosen't help you specifically, but to anyone else that may have somewhat of the same problem

    - i also reccomend natalia rose's book. there is some pretty useful information in there about food combining, and more specificaly about "quick exit" style food combining. it's the premise of her book in a nutshell. i definatley refer back to it as it also does have some very tastey recipes in there.


    OMG I tried it tonight, it's AMAZING!!!! I wish I had more. I need to buy more buckwheat groats tomorrow to make more. I had only bought a bit to try it out, but I LOVE it :)

  • sv3sv3

    Haha! It's good isn't it!

    I had a major addiction to it a while back and couldn't get enough.

    It's great with apples and blueberries mixed in and topped with cinnamon.

    Glad you guys liked it.

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