one more new raw foody!

Hello everyone i have been eating raw vegan for only about 5 days now but i love it! i'm trying to stay 100%raw because from what i read so far on that is way more beneficial than 99% raw

I already have so much more energy and happiness, and my dreams are becoming more vivid too! I was really inspired by a youtube video about eating raw vegan i really did not know about the raw vegan lifestyle before, although i had been a vegetarian/mostly vegan for over a year and also very into kombucha and other healthy lifestyles.

I think it's great there are raw vegan online communities, and so many other great online resources to assist raw vegans. My sister just started working at a health foods store and told me about a raw vegan lecture that they will be doing later this month. I'm really excited for that, and my sister is considering going raw vegan too!

wish you all the best!


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