Calculating calories in green juice?

So, as I gain weight back I am supposed to keep track of my calories every day to make sure I'm getting enough. Since I live on a stomach tube and strain everything I blend through a mesh bag, I estimate that I'm taking out about a quarter of the original fruits/veggies that I put in by getting rid of the pulp. So, when doing calorie calculations on NutrientData, I've been adding up everything in the green drink and then multiplying that number by 0.75 to account for the removed pulp when calculating calories.

BUT, I'm wondering if this is incorrect and I'm in fact underestimating my caloric intake - are there actually any calories in the pulp/fiber, or are all the calories in the sugar, etc? If I juice a medium carrot, and the carrot is 25 calories, but I remove the pulp, is the juice still 25 calories or is it (25 x 0.75) 18.75 since the pulp is removed?


  • Calories in green juice would be low is what I can say. Calories in greens are low.

    Calories in carrots are higher than greens, obviously.

  • jakkrabbit, I found the following web site.

    It sounds a bit complicated, but I hope you can get a better idea.

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    Superfood, I already know that. What I'm asking is if removing the pulp/fiber actually removes any of the calories, or if all the calories will still be in the juice. I'm hoping for the latter, but need to know if the former is true so I can adjust my calculations accordingly. I have to keep very exacting data for my (3!) dieticians at this time as I transition from hospital formula to a real foods diet.

  • jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

    Maxerbear - Thanks, perfect, this really helped!

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