are these withdrawal/detox symptoms?

hi guys, i just started the raw vegan diet 5 days ago and up until a few hours ago i felt amazing, but now my body aches (legs , and upper back especially), my energy boost is gone, i have a headache, and i can't think clearly. I do not want to give up and have heard that withdrawal is to be expected while detoxing.

but i'm not sure if i'm experiencing withdrawal/detox symptoms or if maybe it was something i ate for diner that is causing me to feel this way. I started feeling this way right after i had a big diner, i think some of the ingredients may have been contaminated but i'm not sure.

The avocado had a brown area in the center (i'm not talking about the core obviously)

The Romaine lettuce had a brownish stain/growth in the center

and the bell peppers had a funny taste to them, almost chemical... i know they weren't organic but i did wash them

Do you guys think i'm experiencing withdrawal from detox or is it i just ate veggies that are going bad? normally i wouldn't have eaten these vegies if i thought there was something wrong with them but i'm trying to save as much money on this diet as i can, and convinced myself that they were fine, but now i'm not so sure...

What do you guys think?


  • well i feel much better now. i'm pretty sure i was experiencing withdrawal from detox and it was pretty intense for a while but i think it's over for now. im sure there are more toxins that need to get flushed and now i have a general idea of what to expect.

    i'm eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of smoothies and the headaches and muscle aches are gone.

  • Yeah, sounds like detox. When I did my first Master Cleanse, I felt on top of the world til day 5 or 6. It hit me like a ton of bricks! lol

    When you feel those symptoms, it means the toxin load is a bit more than your body can deal with. It helps to help your body move them out quicker, keeping the bowels moving well, drybrushing, drinking lots of water, etc.

  • I would highly recommend you to get organic lettuce and bell peppers. That chemical taste of the peppers is a chemical. You are better off throwing them out than eating them.

    Conventional produce that is packed with agricultural chemicals causes cancer, so why not inest in your health and buy produce organic?

    If you cant go totally organic use this list to buy whatever is high on this list certified organic. Trust me it is well worth the time to learn it and the money to buy organic so you can enjoy a healthy body and mind.


    1. (worst) Peaches

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