b12 supplement

Would someone please remind me what "type" of b 12 I'm supposed to be taking? I remember that I heard "make sure it's a _________________long word I can't remember ____________" but what was that!? and where can I get it? I have a gnc (woah $$) and a walgreens. I'd rather order off the internet most likely.

thanks a bunch!


  • I've taken health food store brands like Solgar....I'm interested, too, in what the optimal choice might be...

  • Is methylcobalamin the word you are looking for not the cynocobalamin because its attached to or something to a cyanide molecule. They are both forms of b12 the M one is more expensive to manufacture and the C one is cheaper thus used most of the time. I probably misspelled both of those names but hopefully you get the idea you can just google it to make sure.

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