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I have been adding more raw food to my diet but I find a lot of these recipes require special equipment and a lot of prep. I don' t know how "natural" this juicing, blending, processing and dehydrating is, but the ingredients are sure healthy. I have an Acme juicer that works quite well and does not heat the juice, but I can not juice leafy greens with it so I eventually need to get another kind of juicer. I also need to get a food processor. Does anybody have some suggestions for good juicers or food processors that they are using? I also have a food dehydrator(Magic Chef), but I'm not sure if it heats the food too much. Does anybody know what is the max temp enzymes can tolerate and which dehydrators stay under this temp?



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    The standard for juicing seems to be the Champion Juicer, which I often see on craigslist. The thing is a workhorse, built to last. And besides juices, you can use it to make some rockin banana whips (banana "ice cream")

    As far as natural-ness goes, I'd say that changing the food at all isn't "natural", but maybe more of a transitional thing. Or, if just eating raw is good enough for you, then why not have a bit of fun with the prep? It just depends on what you want to get out of the experience.

  • I have one of those Jack Lalane (spelling) juicers I got years ago for free from my credit card company on their points deal. It works well but is a pain to clean. I can't complain since it was free and usually costs a boatload. As far as a processor I got a nice little 46 dollar deal at Kmart and paid the extra 5 bucks for 2 year replacement. Seems nice so far.

  • Sorry no reccs on processors or juicers but i love my 15 year old American Harvest Snackmaster dehydrator. The version they have now is basically the same (all the parts fits both models) except that the controls appear to be on top and i think its digital. Mine goes as low as 95 degrees and as hight as 145 i belive everything stays in tact up to 115 - 117 degrees but dont quote me ;) Happy "cooking"

  • In my experience, Champion juicers are not really designed to juice leafy greens. My experience was, the greens got chewed up, wrapped around the auger, and it was generally a pain in the butt. It's a terrific juicer, but not for greens.

    I ended up getting a Hurom (the same juicer as the Omega Vert)--love it. It does a great job juicing greens (green juices are pretty much the only juices I drink) and it has a small footprint (vital for me in my tiny kitchen). Many people love Green Star juicers and they are fine all-around juicers--I opted not to get one because they take up too much space.

    You can find great info about juicers at this site:


    Food processors--I've had a Cuisinart for 15 years with zero problems. Need I say more? Excellent product.

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