nasty whey protein - will this halt my raw weight loss?

I have been raw for almost 2 months. I have been steadily losing weight (I started at almost 200lbs and am down to 170). A few days ago I started a new supplement that is supposed to replace the medications I am on. In order to counteract the withdrawal from the meds, my doctor told me to start taking 8 scoops of whey protein isolate per day. I'm not happy with this because not only is it not raw, but it's not vegan, and it's very high in fat. 8 scoops a day is a ridiculous amount. But I don't want to suffer through withdrawal either. So my question is, if I do the whey protein isolate will that halt my weight loss (or even make me gain weight) because of all the fat and because it's not raw? I really don't want to stop losing weight, I'm on a roll and I still have plenty of weight left to lose. I'm not sure what to do. I just spent $20 on a huge tub of the stuff and had my first glass and it was NASTY. chalky and lumpy and thick and just gross. I really don't want to take it, but the doctor said I should. Any advice?


  • I'm guessing most people would suggest not using the whey protein, but your doctor may have good reason to want you on it? I'm not a doctor, and I doubt most here on the board are either. Doctors aren't always right. But, sometimes they are. Have you tried voicing these concerns to your doctor? IF your medical condition is pretty serious, being raw (or even vegan) may have to take a back seat for your health's sake for a while. Or, maybe the doctor could offer you a different supplement that would have the same benefit and be vegan? The high fat does sound bad- but is there a medical reason you need more fat than normal? (there are some medical conditions that are that way)

    I guess what I'm getting at is to be careful taking medical advice about meds and replacement supplements from a raw food discussion board over your doctor's advice. Can you afford a second opinion from another doctor? Maybe you can find some good (and reliable) info on the internet about your medical condition and whether whey protein is usually used to treat it?

    Oh- congrads on the weight loss:-) That's pretty good- 30 pounds in two months!

  • no, I definitely don't need more fat in my diet and my doctor doesn't know anything about raw. (I doubt he even knows what he is talking about *rolleyes* ) I was just wondering what other raw foodies would say. I really don't want to take the stuff, but the withdrawal from psych meds can be pretty severe, that's the only reason he wants me on it.

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Um...I workout all the time and when i use to use whey it was actually whey isolate. What you have does not sound like whey isolate its probably whey concentrate which contains much more fat. Also there are raw whey supplements but its more expensive.

  • "but the withdrawal from psych meds can be pretty severe"

    Couldn't agree more with that statement. I'm not sure why whey protein will help, but maybe there is some science behind it? (I'm not a doctor). Coming off of serious meds like that I would be careful about disregarding docs advice. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

  • If you need whey protein, is the best tasting, and the most natural. I am trying to go vegan, so am trying to avoid it now, but if your dr insists, then this is the way to go. i can drink it without any add ins... if you are exercising, i see no reason why it should bulk you up... i am new though so i could be wrong.

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