Weight Watchers points? Newbie from Key West


Just a note to say hello. I love to eat raw and love weight watchers online. Just need some help in figuring points! There is a raw thread on the WW site now - isn't that cool?

If anybody knows of a thread on goneraw for WW members, please reply!



  • I call it "Self-Hate Watchers". And it's bullshit.

    My dad used to call it Whale Watchers, har har!

  • Deadly Steve that is an awful thing to say and very negative, shame on you...while you are entitled to your own opinion, you should keep negative comments to yourself. This forum is supposed to be about supporting each other. I have never been on weight watchers as I am athletic and have always eaten healthy, but I will promote weight watchers to friends and family. I have seen quite a few friends and co-workers go from eating an unhealthy SAD diet to following weight watchers with great success. It really works and teaches people how to portion and choose healthier alternatives. Many of them turn to vegetarian and vegan afterwards.

    Keys4ure, good luck with your weight loss journey and it is great to hear that there is a raw thread on the WW site, I will definitely point that out to people I know that are using WW.

  • Steve, I agree with tuki.

    I am not 100% raw.

    I have had major binge problems and writing down everything I put into my mouth is the only thing keeping me from binging most days. Weight Watchers promotes a healthy lifestyle (Yes, a SAD lifestyle, but it is healthier than most of the people on Weight Watchers were eating previously -- many people need change in baby steps)

    I think changing they way one eats is commendable if they're going in a healthy direction and IMO, it shouldn't matter *how* they do it, just that they do it.

  • Sorry if I offended anyone, didn't mean to. I'm having a rare "low-raw" day and it seems to be making me a bit more cynical than usual. Interesting... Not that I like WW or anything, I still think they profit from peoples' insecurities and reinforce malignant crap like beauty standards.

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