detox symptoms-- itchy armpits?

Hi, I'm new to raw, not 100% yet, but eating much more raw foods now and mostly vegan for the past three weeks. Since starting I've had this crazy itching under my armpits. Just wonder if anyone else has had such a symptom? I quit wearing deodorant (was using calenda natural product) and it still persists. Hoping this is something that will do away and not a symptom of some deeper problem with my health.


  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Do you shave there? If so, what do you use as shaving lotion? Do you use soap with sodium laurel sulfite or parabens?

  • Nothing comes up in Google when i search for that deodorant. When i quit wearing deodorant that contained aluminum and parabens i had the worst itching rash for about five days, after that i haven't so much as had razor burn! I know how bad it sucks and I hope it passes quickly!

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