fats or carbs?

HI just would like to know which is best to eat, nuts or sprouted grains such as buckwheat? Will I gain weight by eating more buckwheat than eating 2 cups of nuts? I really like the crunch and taste of buckwheat and Im really addicted to it!! I really am scared that i will gain if I eat 2 cups a day:O thats all I eat with fruit and veggies. I still dont understand how buckwheat can make me gain weight. Isnt it low fat and is healthy? Its not even a grain its a fruit seed. I really am fed up of eating more fruit ,,sometimes I just want something not sweet so I eat buckwheat :) I just want to feel free and still eat as much as 2 cups a day of buckwheat , wouldnt I get the same kind of calories from buckwheat instead of eating all that extra fruit and sugar? Thanks !! I just want to maintain my weight!!! please


  • are you sedentary or something? i've never heard someone (aside from an eating disordered person) have such an issue over 2 cups of food, thinking it would "make" them gain weight.

    i'm showing buckwheat is 600 calories or so per cup. 8% of calories from fat. but that means little if it's dehydrating you and you aren't experiencing the benefits of eating greens and fruit.

    1 cup of cashews is 755 calories or so per cup with 69% of calories from fat (it's one of the LOWER fat nuts, btw).

    my advice would be to eat the buckwheat if you want it and you aren't experiencing any negative effects, but see if you can slowly lower it down and replace it with fresh (whole) foods like produce (something that doesn't need soaked, dehydrated, wetted, salted, whatever).

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    Unless you are doing the 80/10/10 diet eat what you want. Nuts do contain more fat but in no way does this make them less healthy. Maybe you could try some alternatives to just to mix it up a bit. How about quinoa? Its also very tasty. Also arent you eating vegetables?

  • What's so scary about gaining a bit of weight? It's not as if you're going to end up obese from raw food.

  • im eating fruit and veggies with the buckwheat like I would have about 1 cup of buckwheat with an apple and pear in the morning and then 2 hours later I would have another cup of buckwheat, for lunch I would make a veggie soup, then after that i would eat fruit during the day. I think I would get fat from buckwheat because it is so high calories and people say dont eat so much of it or youll gain, all im eating is that and fruit and veggies, i dont see it would be a problem, Mabey I should just buy some organic popcorn kernels and make popcorn. I can eat as much more as I want with popped popcorn with no added salt or butter. Would be ok to eat popcorn on raw?

  • i am not sure about the popcorn but if you are worried about gaining weight i would have the high calorie foods during the day only or when you are busy/working out and then at night when you are just chillin out on the couch or whatever eat low calorie foods like veggies or a bowl of miso soup. This is what works for me at least.

    Fruit is awesome but it has a lot of sugar. I personally would be more worried about all that sugar (i'm talking about if you are eating fruit ALL day). The best time to eat fruit is in the morning on an empty stomach by itself meaning if you are going to eat fruit wait at least 20 minutes to start eating another food group.

    I have found that proper food combining (which aids digestion and elimination) is one of the best ways to maintain your weight. There are tons of books on it.

  • Sweet,

    From your different posts it sounds like you are have a tough time with weight issues (thought it doesn't sound to me like you should worry) and just plain getting a bit bored with your raw diet. Many young girls (I'm assuming your young) seem to have body image issues these days. Please try to relax and enjoy what you eat and not worry so much. I'm guessing that most likely it wouldn't hurt you to actually gain a little weight? Either way, try to appreciate who you are. And be kind to yourself.

    Make sure you feed your body first- fresh veggies and fruit. Then, if you want the buckwheat, have it. It might do you some good to get some organic popcorn and enjoy it.

    If the high fruit approach isn't working for you try a different approach to raw, or try incorporating a little healthy cooked stuff and see how you feel (brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, streamed veggies).

  • Thanks for the advice durianrider!!! what would you suggest to eat on a low fat cooked diet?

    But I love being raw its been awhile since I ate a cooked meal.

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    Dr. Joel Fuhrman offers a low fat cooked vegan diet plan. It emphasizes raw produce, but is very grains and legumes-heavy (where you get your calories from on the plan), which made me extremely tired and bloated all the time (which was why I switched to raw, actually).

    You could easily shoot for a high raw vegan diet. You could try eating all the fruit you care for during breakfast and lunch, and then having a cooked dinner of steamed veggies, root tubers, and grains, if you like.



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