Cheap Dehydrator?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about getting a dehydrator as I miss things like chips and burgers which I read I can make with one.

I know people have been talking about the Excalibur dehydrator but as it ranges from $150 to $200 this is WAY out of my price range.

I also noticed that there are cheaper dehydrators. Does anyone have one of these? Do they work? or should I wait until I have more money?



  • The excalibur is supposed to be the best one it works really well!!! I dont have a dehydrater either, I wish I did:( I usually buy dehydrated stuff to try them out. It is sometimes hard to stay raw, but ive been able to stay raw for a very long time.

  • I have an American Harvest dehydrator, and I think it's awesome cause it was FREE!!! I use it ALL THE TIME, I made kale chips for two days and now I have bread in it, it just makes funny shaped slices cause it's a round dehydrator with a hole in the middle. I just went to found my group and asked for one, i actually had a few replies... i think it retails for around 40 dollars, i know one pro is that you don't have to rotate anything and it has a good thermostat, i would definitely recommend for starters!

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