I just got my Vitamix. I was so excited to make home made tahini and the motor blew. Has this happened to anyone else? I thought these things were unbrakeable.


  • If you just got it and the motor blew I'd take it back. Vitamix is a good blender so it shouldn't break that easily. Do you have a warranty?

  • Well I just tried it and it's working now. I guess it just overheated.

  • They are set up to shut themselves off if they get overheated before they can do any real damage. If you have not already, I would recommend watching the DVD that came with it (at least mine came with one). I felt a little silly watching a blender instructional video at first, but they did seem to have some good tips. I really like my Vitamix so far. I blew through 2 or 3 blenders in a couple of years of lots of raw foods, but my vitamix is still going strong and seems to do a much better job of things.

  • you can also put the base in the fridge for like 15 minutes to help cool it down faster.

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