I'm NOT handling greens very well... but I don't want to become a fruitarian

jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

I just feel sick when I have greens, and when I have non-raw stuff like oats for protein/calories, and when I have too much fat, like coconut cream. I feel really good when I have fruits, and some juicy veggies - tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, etc, but that's about it! I don't even feel good from cucumber juice, and it's not even technically a 'green'! Maybe I should try something lighter on my stomach for protein/fat, like some nut milks or Sun Warrior protein, instead of blended oats or coconut cream. And I'm wondering if a few Tbsp of green powder might give me the benefits without making me feel so sick. But other than that the only thing I can think of is to cut down on the greens, but I'm worried that'll be bad for me, and I'll end up nutritionally deficient. I've heard of fruitarians getting diabetes from so much sugar, and dental problems and deficiencies, etc. It wasn't my goal to become fruitarian but I really feel awful on greens and heavier stuff. And the greens I put through my stomach tube smell horrifying too, which doesn't really help any. It's just 1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 cup of Bok Choy, maybe some celery, and some carrots and cucumber in my green smoothie, but it smells like sewage.

I'm not sure what to do. I know I should 'listen' to my body, but I worry that my body's wrong and that sticking to primarily fruits with maybe a little spinach or some nut milk once in a while will leave me malnutritioned, or at least with low energy, or maybe even fat, diabetic, and sugar addicted. Advice?


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    you won't get diabetes from too much sugar. you can get it from too much fat in your diet but it's just if you are obese. maybe do all fruit for one week and see how you feel. it's really not a bad thing at all.

  • M42M42

    Greens tend to have a not so attractive smell, at least in the beginning. The taste also isn't immediately appealing, although maybe that doesn't apply to you. That can be solved however by making the right smoothies :-) I used to feel a little sick when eating too many pure greens but now I eat (drink) more without that effect. Your problem sounds more severe but maybe the same principle applies?

    I would try to keep greens or at least vegetables in your diet somehow. Eating only fruit for a week could be a nice experiment but personally I don't think leaving out vegetables permanently is such a good idea mineral-wise.

  • Hi, JR, I read in another of your posts that you got your Vita Mix. Yaa-hoooo. When I started my green smoothies, I discovered that raw bok choy was not for me. I agree - sewage. Loved it cooked in Chinese dishes and it came in my CSA box, so I tried it in my smoothies - could not do it. I love a V-8 type juice / smoothie with baby spinach or mixed baby greens.

    Start out with multiple fruits or veggies and add a couple of hands-ful of baby spinach. A banana based green smoothie is good. I cannot even abide cucumbers in my house. My sense of smell is very acute and just the smell of them makes me sick. I cannot tolerate large amounts of celery, onion, or garlic. I like the taste used minimally, just to accent my foods, but too much gives me stomach problems. Green bell peppers in very small amounts are okay, but the beautiful ripe red, yellow and orange ones are much more agreeable to my body. Can you do citrus? An orange, pineapple, spinach is very pleasant in smell and the most beautiful green color. Banana, pear and baby spinach - again very mild, lovely color and pears have the most heavenly smell. Berries and bananas are wonderful ingredients in green smoothies, too. Berries seem to be rougher on my stomach than citrus, apples, bananas, pears, etc. I do not like the young coconut water or fruit that so many raw foodist love. Are you trying any avocado for your fats?

    I have tried the green powder and I do find it beneficial, but compared to green smoothies, it is lacking in one very obvious way. If I do my green smoothies, my hair does not fall as much as when on green powder. So I would think that there would be benefits inside my body that are not visible to me that the green smoothies are doing.

    This may sound really stupid to you, but........if you are going to do this for yourself, I think it is important that you feel good about your food that you are making - savoring the smell and beauty and enjoying the handling of your food.

  • Fruit has protein and fat, FYI.

    I would skip the bok choy and try more tender greens, maybe add some mint or an herb you like. Good luck!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    You can definitely skip the greens for now if you are absolutely repulsed by them. I really disliked all greens and even most non-sweet fruits when I first went raw in '07 and so I just didn't eat them. I disliked a lot of sweet fruits as well, actually, and pretty much lived on oranges for the first couple of months. After that, I slowly introduced more fruits, like bananas and mangoes, and eventually greens. Now, I love greens, especially romaine, bib lettuce, and iceberg! :)

    If you are seriously worried about missing greens, you could always try adding some to fruit smoothies. Just try a handful at first and see if you can tolerate it.




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