Hello from Boston!

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, and about 6-7 weeks new to Veganism. Inadvertently, the first four weeks of those I was almost entirely raw; I adopted a simple diet of apples, trail mix (dried blueberries, peanuts, and almonds), an excellent 'whole foods optimizer' supplement called 'Vega' (which I'm sure some of you have heard of), and some other protein supplements from Vegan Essentials. Essentially, I'd graze throughout the day, without meals. Sometimes I steamed vegetables or snacked on organic ginger snaps, but I'd say calorie-wise, the diet was 85% raw, at least. Along with fitness and a good sleep pattern, I felt excellent.

The last couple weeks I've been unable to run or cycle due to an ankle injury, and, deciding it would be wasteful to continue with Vega and other protein supplements while not training, the recovery period has led me to fall off high standards and good habits (I've been eating more empty calories, starches, processed vegan foods and such). Nonetheless, the break from 'Raw' eating helped me understand what a great benefit the lifestyle has had on me, so I decided it would be a good idea to find a place where I can share ideas and learn from those more experienced.

This site's aesthetic is great, and the members seem very nice. This seems to be a very awesome little community -- I'm glad to have found it, and excited to join in the discussions. I have a couple questions which I could probably find elsewhere on the site, but don't think it would be any harm to ask here:

What are some quick snacks I could throw in my backpack to enjoy whenever? Right now I throw 3-4 apples in my pack, two scoops of protein to sip on, and an 8 oz. container of trail mix. Is there some staple raw food that I'm missing, or something interesting that I should try out?

What is it specifically about heating foods that is unappealing? Is it significantly more healthy to snack on raw carrots than steamed carrots, etc..?

Thanks a lot everyone, Peace!


  • I can tell you what I keep in my purse for a snack:) Staples for me include green smoothies (dangerous, yes, because if the lid's not on TOTALLY right, you'll get a green bag instead of a snack) which go down easily and quickly, and are a breeze to make....just spinach and other greens and water. whiz it up, pour, done.

    Another great idea (not mine though) is to keep hydrated with oranges/apples/etc...I find that if I get even the least bit dried out, I get ravenous...80/10/10 taught me thou shalt eat fruit!

  • Oooh. Green smoothies, I'll have to try those out. Sounds like something to get used to, haha. I'll have to check out 80/10/10 as well. I've seen that reference more than once. Maybe I'll order it along with Brazier's Thrive, that I've been meaning to read. Thanks a lot!

  • O fun, in my purse i like to keep a frozen berry smoothie made with hemp milk and sweetened with grapes a banana (thanks johannabanana), you can just use water too, but hemp milk is easy to make, cheap and also adds protein. i also like to have a container of pecans and dates, that's a staple in my purse because it keeps well and makes me feel like i'm having a treat when i see other people eating choclatey things or chips ;) . And then i vary it, a container of berries, or cut up melon, or cherry tomatoes or grapes. or like a pear....mmmmmpears. leftovers too.- oh and i have been known to carry around cherries and raw chocolate macaroons. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! hope this helps :D


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