I read a lot about mental clarity, which I've been feeling that last few days, but it has opened a whole flood gate of emotions that I feel like I've gotten really good at supressing over the years & it's been really overwhelming. I almost start crying at any time & just wondered if this has happened to anyone? I think that I've used food/drinking/smoking as a way to not deal with things. I'm not sure yet if I like feeling this way..it's made me bring up a lot of things from the past.


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    Oh man

  • Well Thanks...it was making me feel a little crazy! It's always strange to experience something that you've never felt before and especially when everything was negative things from the past.

  • Mind and body are not separate. At all. Keeping your body clear and clean allows your mind to process out all its own bad stuff too.

  • I was using EFT for a long time before I made radical changes to my diet, and I still had to go through a bit of emotional detox too. Be patient and be good to yourself. :) Try some EFT, it might give you a bit of relief to clear some stuff out quickly. TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique) works well too.

  • hi, would you guys recommend starting a rawfood diet slowly or just from one day 100% raw ?

  • Marcell, this is how i transitioned and it seemed to work well for me. Looking back on it makes good sense, too.

    SAD(albeit with some organic food)-->vegetarian-->vegan-->raw vegan(no fat limits, all the salt, spices, etc I wanted)-->raw vegan w/no condiments, salt, or oils-->raw vegan w/simple meals, (almost)proper food combining, and no additives-->80/10/10, low fat raw vegan,mainly fruitarian

    At each transition look two steps beyond. Ex. when transitioning from SAD to vegetarian keep vegan as the end goal in your mind. Enforce vegetarian as a strict rule, while forgoing dairy more flexibly. Like if your given the choice take the vegan one, but don't stress if you don't have the choice or if you're really craving something(besides icecream--cause your probably craving the sugar so eat some fruit!) Then when you feel cmfortable as a vegetarian, enforce vegan as a strict goal and keep raw vegan in mind. It makes each transition easier.

    This is just what I've found, but some people do great going cold-turkey. And if that's you: more power to ya!

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