Brazil nuts?

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For some reason I seem to have a lot of brazil nuts. Any ideas on recipes? I have a blender and a food processor but no dehydrator.


  • subbing. I have a pkg of brazil nuts and other than nibbling on them every now & then, I have no clue what to use them for either. Here's a recipe for Brazil nut cheese, but I've never tried it. From

    1 cup brazil nuts

    1 cup water

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp basil

    1 tsp thyme

    juice of one lemon

    dried or fresh herbs for rolling

    1 lb grapes

    This "cheez" is amazing, and surprisingly simple to make. In a blender, add all the cheez ingredients. Puree for several minutes until as smooth and creamy as possible (it's a delicious alfredo sauce at this point). Pour into a jar or other glass container and cover with cheese cloth. Let sit overnight or longer to develop the desired sharp taste. As it sits, the nut "cream" will thicken up as well, making it easier to handle.

    Once the flavor has developed to your liking, divide in two equal portions. Place in center of several layers of cheese cloth and form into roughly a circle shape. Wrap each in the cheese cloth and place them in a colander with a weight or weighted plate on top. Put the colander in a sink or over a plate or bowl to catch any drips. A lot of the liquid will be pressed out of the cheez this way. Let it press for several hours.

    This doesn't get gooey, but it will be the consistency of cream cheese. Further pressing can make a firmer cheez.

    When it has the desired consistency, remove from the cheese cloth, shape into a wheel and roll in dried or minced fresh herbs. Serve with grapes.

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    A fantastic snack is a brazil nut pushed inside of a pitted date-delicious, and very portable. Brazils also make a very nice milk.

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    Brazil Nut Pancakes

    The dressing on this Tumeric Salad

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    heh... it seems alot of people have no clue what to do with brazil nuts. I myself like to mix my brazil nuts IN with a macadamia or something when I am making my cheeses. It seems to be a little less on the bitter side. Brazil nuts have a 'bite' to me. But they do have GREAT textures for cheeses!



  • yes...

    1c brazil nuts

    make 4-6 c milk with brazil nuts

    than add..

    1/3c carob or cocoa

    i pinch sea salt (optional)

    1 tsp peppermint extract

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    agave/honey to sweeten

    cocoa butter

    sometimes I add a few frozen bananas

    this is AMAZING!! It is a staple in my diet.


  • Are your Brazil nuts shelled? I have some in shell. Broke typical nut crackers. Bruises in palm of hand. How are you getting them out of the shell?

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