Hi all! Im on my day1 of going raw. Thanks to this website and a trip to San Francisco, I have been converted to raw food. Ive been a vegan for a year now but semi-vegan for about 5, vegetarian since the age of thirteen. This seems like the logical step to take. Im excited about this community and what you seem to offer (as a lurker I saw soem great support!) and have officially given myself 30 days of a raw trial. I did this with veganism (decided to go vegan for 30 days) and didnt look back. I know itll be the same with raw. Any siggestions for the detox process? Ive been about 30-40% raw for 2 weeks if that helps. Nice to meet you all!!

Ciara, Dublin Ireland


  • Hi Queera.

    Hi! That is so great you are going for it! The biggest thing for me is cutting everything out and then getting a serious headache. So prepare as much as possible. Don’t go cold turkey with nothing in your pantry and then expect to go shopping!

    Make stuff in small dishes and then if they seem like they’re going to go bad freeze them. But figure out when you are not raw what it is you are eating and make substitutes just for that and keep it around. Mine is pimento cheeze-I have the recipe on this site.

    I also made raw tempura onion rings which were great. Make breakfast the night before so it is ready in the morning. Then if you aren’t hungry take it with you for lunch or you’ll have it ready when you get home.

    I cut cheeze from my diet but started craving cheeze. Part of it may be the calcium so collard greens are a good thing to eat as a substitute because they are high in it.

    Good luck with everything. If you have any specific cravings let me\us know and we can give you more specific advice!

  • thanks so much!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Ciara,

    Welcome to Gone Raw! Looking forward to hearing about your month of raw.

    Something that helps me quite a bit when detoxing is taking baths with epsom salt. It especially seemed to help whenever I experience headaches.

  • Cool thanks kandace! I meant to ask what people do to relieve headaches. I am guessing that medication isnt raw. or raw friendly. But how about lavender? Any other suggestions?

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