The Norwalk Juicer

Raw food has always been a struggle for me but incorporating juice was the easy part. After reading all about the Gerson Therapy I have become somewhat obsessed with juicing. Of course I want the juicer of all juicers but as it turns out they are extremely expensive. After talking about it with a friend he added a little section about me on his website (half mocking/half serious). Please do check out my quest to get a Norwalk Juicer! After all, isnt the greatest wealth, health?


  • Hey I want a Norwalk Juicer as well!! Pure food and wine in NYC (and their takeaways) use Norwalks. I am going to save up my money and get one--in like 10 years :D I'll check out the site!! Have a great weekend!

  • You can sometimes get good bargains on eBay, used Norwalks.

    I had one briefly. I picked up an old Norwalk at a garage sale for $75. It was a real pain to use and clean. If you're not careful, it shoots the veggies up to the ceiling (!). I did get it to work, but it was so much of a hassle I didn't use it much and ended up selling it.

    The juice did taste amazingly better than other juicers, though. However, I get close to the same taste by blending the veggies in my K-tec and straining through a nut milk bag. The juice is slightly diluted since I have to add a little water for blending, but it's pretty darned close to what I recall of the Norwalk juice, at a fraction of the time, hassle, and cost. I make wheat grass juice in it too.

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