Will ACV bleach my hair?

Hey all,

I have a pretty dry scalp that gets worse in this cold weather. I have read on other posts that doing an apple cider vinegar rinse would help, but I am worried that it might strip my hair color (I dye my hair).

Does any one have any experience with this?



  • well, i have heard that if you go outside with dampend hair thats drenched in acl that it could lighten your hair. however i also heard that if your rince your hair with acl that it acts as a great conditioner and will not strp hair of it's dyed color, unless you got out with your hair wet ;). i'm not a hair stylest though so this is not an expert answer. just what i heard. hope that helps.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    it never lightened my hair, but if i put it on my roots, my hair gets really greasy. i would just use it on your ends and see if you like it. i'm not a fan of using it on my hair though.

  • Hey thanks guys. I think I am going to make a strong peppermint tea and put some ACV in it, and maybe some tea tree oil if I can afford it, and rinse my scalp with that at night, then see how it is in the morning.

  • *After I test it on a hidden piece of hair first of course....

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    As long as you don't sit out in the sun, you should be just fine. :)



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