Reaching a Raw Plateau

DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

Hey everyone,

I've been raw for three years and have noticed how easy it is for me recently to gain weight. I feel over the last year I've reached a raw plateau.

What are anyone's experiences of this?

Has anyone noticed that their calorie demand has changed?


  • DeborahB

    Yes. I had the same thing happen to me, until I did the Master Cleanse at the beginning of the summer last year for 12 days. It totally changed my life, my weight, my eating habits for the better. I have kept the weight off that I lost and have never been healthier. I plan on doing another cleanse at the beginning of this summer. I think the other thing that help keep the weight off is strength training.

    My husband thinks I am too skinny, but I work out six days a week, distance run, teach high school, am doing my Masters at University, have three kids, and I'm not feeling exhausted (...for the most part :)

    I know that some people say you can work and function regularly during the Master Cleanse, but I felt much better being able to focus and pace myself. I had to use the bathroom a lot and I couldn't see myself doing this while teaching. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you are fully committed. It took me a year of thinking about it to commit to it, and the first three days were really difficult. By day 4, it was smooth sailing and I could have kept going, but my husband was somewhat paniced about my dramatic weight loss, and we were going camping the next day, so I slowly transitioned back to eating solids.

    Hope this helps!

  • M42M42

    Hello Deb,

    I can't tell from my own experience as I've started quite recently. However, I've read about people who had been raw for a significant time and felt like reaching a plateau, and who experienced a boost in the diet's benefits by consuming a lot of leafy green vegetables. Are you consuming many of those?

    Leafy greens aren't very tasty at the beginning but they make a quite nice mix when blended with some bananas, berries and water. Boutenko's book Green for Life has some useful ino (and recipes) specifically on greens.



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