British English quiz

Ok so I thought I'd post something a bit different.

I reckon a lot of raw foodies in the UK are pretty familiar with American words for things because of the internet. But if you're from the US, how familiar are you with some of our words? Below are British terms for 10 raw foods, but if you're American, what do you say?

1. courgettes

2. beetroot

3. rocket

4. desiccated coconut

5. coriander

6. aubergines

7. runner beans

8. mangetout

9. linseed

10. spring onions

Post your answers below. (See if you can do it without looking at Wikipedia!)


  • 1. courgettes - zucchini?

    2. beetroot - beets/beet root

    3. rocket -... arugula?

    4. desiccated coconut - ?

    5. coriander - coriander

    6. aubergines - eggplant

    7. runner beans - string beans?

    8. mangetout - pea??

    9. linseed - ?

    10. spring onions - green onions

  • Hey Starfish well done - you got almost all of them!

    The answers are:

    1. courgettes = zucchini

    2. beetroot = beets

    3. rocket = arugula

    4. desiccated coconut = shredded coconut

    5. coriander = cilantro

    6. aubergines = eggplant

    7. runner beans = string/green/French beans

    8. mangetout = snow peas

    9. linseed = flax seeds

    10. spring onions = green onions

  • aha, I know we've got coriander in the spice cabinet, I didn't know it was just dried cilantro

  • Ah, so that's why I never saw snow peas in the shop! :)

  • Oh right. I've seen fresh coriander ("cilantro") leaves and coriander seeds (for use in curries and stuff) but dried coriander/cilantro's a new one on me. Is it like a substitute for the fresh stuff?

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    In the US, cilantro is the leaves of the plant, coriander is the seeds. You can buy the seeds whole and ground. I have tried dried cilantro, it doesn't have nearly the flavor of the fresh. I dry it myself now and then when I have an excess. But, it's still no where close to the fresh.

  • While we're on the topic, it amuses me when Americans talk about spunk.

  • Cool and interesting little quiz and post , Nori! Thanks!

    Lol, Deadly Steve! (I'm guessing I know what the British meaning refers to.) :D

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