3 days raw now - feelin weird

hey guys im 100% raw again for 3 days now, i feel kind of fuzzy most of the time like not really grounded its weird and i dont like it, usually i would eat something to calm down but whatever i eat i just feel this weird anyways. what could i eat/ do to feel a bit more grounded?


  • when you are eating to feel "grounded", You are really eating to numb yourself. All the years of cooked food will do that to ya! You are breaking an addiction, my friend. You will no longer be in a cloud. Maybe this "ungrounded" feeling is also accompanied by some detox symptoms, which aren't pleasnant, so subconsiously your body is telling you to dull them by feeding it's (your) previous addiction. The detox will go away and you will still feel that light feeling but you will enjoy because it is the raw true sensation of being. And when you are truly healthy that sensation of being is so pleasurable.

    There is a possiblity however that you are undereating and your blood sugar feels low, so as long as you haven't had fat for 4-5 hours, eat some fruit man!

  • yea thought about detox, maybe it was cacao too or something i had some 4 days ago maybe it was too much lol and now its fading or something, never been able to stay raw this long. the reason i didnt fall back into eating cooked could be the green smoothies too i had some kale smoothies, or the cacao im not too sure whats goin on but i think this time i wont be going over to cooked stuff again, yea im a heavly addicted eater, the worse i felt the junkier the food got and so on and on eh. now if the things come up i overeat with coconut buckweat cookies and carot flax burgers but i guess its more healthy

  • M42M42

    Hello Marc,

    It's most likely part of detox so it should go away after a while. I found nuts to have a somewhat grounding effect though, you could try that. But it will only help a bit; time should solve the rest.

    Good luck on staying raw this time, I'm sure it'll be worth your effort! Green smoothies can help indeed, it's a healthy habit to keep up.

    Kind regards,


  • I felt the same way, face flushed, a little dizzy, a little headache, followed by bliss. :)

  • Yeah, cacao could be the problem--it's a serious stimulant! I had some one time and was bouncing around like crazy for hours! It seems like you've got a lot of stuff combined here.

  • this is perfectly described: face flushed, a little dizzy, a little headache + depressed and now waiting for the bliss :)

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