Trying to heal my skin: will this help me?

Last fall and early winter fleas INFESTED my apartment and dined off of my body during my sleep and any other time at home. I got rid of the problem a few months ago and live in a flea-free zone. But all of the bites and incessant scratching, it's left my skin extremely scarred and very dry. If my skin is not lubricated, it's very itchy and I continue to rip it apart with my scratching. SO!! I WANT MY SEXY LEGS BACK!!!

I bought a "Home Health" product called "Almond Glow: Rose Skin Lotion" and here are the main ingredients:

peanut oil

olive oil

sweet almond oil

lanolin oil

Vitamin E

Do you think that this is a wise decision? I'm religiously applying it on my body, it SMELLS WONDERFUL, and I don't scratch myself whenever I have it on. What do you think? Is this a safe bet to help rejuvinate my skin and help my scars fade away?



  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    those ingredients all sound great, and if you're serious about getting rid of scarring vitamin e oil can work wonders for you. as with most things, persistence will make all the difference. make sure you apply it daily onto completely healed scars. also, did you ever try massaging your skin with coconut oil?

    as far as itching, acv will knock that out within minutes. if you have open sores it's probably not a good idea, but try adding a little acv to your bath water and allowing your itchy areas to soak for 15 min or so. after that, you should be good to go for the whole day.

    :) hope you get well soon!

  • Hey thanks a lot I appreciate it. I only re-open my wounds whenever I scratch, but as long as I keep it lubricated with lotion or the oil I mentioned, I'm good--so I try to make sure that it's 24/7 or else my legs are doomed once again. But I've got some pretty serious scarring. I've never tried coconut oil, though...

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    coconut oil and coconut butter are both amazing. the lotion you have sounds really delicious though!! i'd use that up and if you find that it hasn't helped, try the coconut oil.

  • I'd look into argan oil.

    Lanolin oil definitely isn't vegan.

    I don't think peanut oil would be good for the skin? Don't know, though.

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