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Hello people,

I'm just starting my journey into raw food & i was wondering where people in the UK get their food from? Obviously you can get veg & fruit from the supermarket or farmer's market, but what about the more specialist items? I know i've seen Quinoa in Asda! Had a look in Holland & Barrett the other day & couldn't really see anything apart form nuts & i couldn't figure out if they were raw!

So, any help would be greatly appreciated, coz i don't know where to look!

Thank yoooou!




  • Hi Elfwin

    In my limited experience the nuts and gojis etc in the supermarkets as far as I know are not raw - I would also like to know if any do though. A lot of the dried stuff in Holland & Barrett also contains sulpher dioxide, so its worth checking the label, if you want to avoid it.

    There are a loads of websites that r good though and do sell raw stuff - Dextoxyourworld (Shazzie's site), Rawliving (Kate Magic), Funky Raw and also Kiemling all sell loads of raw stuff (including nuts) and have lots of info about how to use ingredients, recipes etc. (But do shop around for the best price and there are more springing up all the time!).

    I have ordered from the first two frequently with no probs, fast delivery, good quality and they both have tons of info to get started especially rawliving. Also check if there is a raw food group in your area (on as they can be good sources of local info too. (eg. I found out that I could get young thai coconuts locally at one meetup!! ).

    Anyway just a few suggestions by no means exhaustive! - would also love to hear from other folk where they get their ingredients from too!

    Luv & Light

    J x

  • sv3sv3


    I've bought quinoa, buckwheat, raw nuts and seeds, organic lentils, organic sun dried raisins, etc from Tesco's.

    I've also got some stuff from Holland and Barrett too. (Some of the dried fruit doesn't have sulpher but you'd need to check)

    Online sites I've ordered from are:

    Look out for other health food stores in your area. In Manchester, we have a great place called the Eighth Day and I get loads of great stuff from there. (Hemp seeds, maca, carob pods, raw crackers and sooooo many other lovely raw goodies!) I love it in there, although spend a fortune every time I go!

  • Yes, I think that local health food shops are the best places to check. I'm slowly seeing more and more raw products appear the shelves in shops near me but I still have to order a lot of specialist items (chia seeds, raw nuts etc.) online. I really like haverawcakeandeatit and the fresh network, as mentioned above.

    Plus if you like chocolate try these:

    sv3: I went to a raw food talk last year at Eighth Day and it's a great shop. I wish we had something like that in Sheffield.

  • Eighth Day sounds great , wish I had something like that nearby!! They don't do mail order by any chance?!!!! :-)

    I hope things are changing. I also noticed our local organic deli is stocking more raw produce - which is great! Hoping it will continue.


    The consciouschocolate site looks fab - am definitely going to try some!!!!

    J x

  • Wow, thanks for for all the info peeps, i'll defo have to scout around me nearest Tescos for some stuff. Unfortunatley i live in rather un-cultured Thanet, and i'm not sure they have any independant health stores, but i'm gonna check online, it'd be great if there was raw food group round here.

    I will check out all those websites, esp the chocolate one!

    Thanks a lot guys!


  • sv3sv3

    Oh God - yeah, you've got to try conscious chocolate! My BF's sis gave me a bar for christmas (cherry christmas)and it was the nicest chocolate I've EVER had. I'd just have a tiny nibble every day to make it last longer!

    Been thinking about it recently so must get some myself now I've got the web link. :-)

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    V. useful thread. The site I use the most is Reliability and service wins hands down. However I can't seem to source chia seeds here in the UK. Some sites show them, but normally as out of stock! Clues anyone? Shazzie if you are reading this, pleeeze can you source us some chia seeds??

  • In Holland and Barrett only the organic dreid fruit doesnt contain sulphur dioxide. I bought their dried organic apricots - sooooooooo much nicer than the orange rubbish.

    Plus more and more supermarkets do Agave, Hemp seeds and Holland and Barratt can order you somethings if they dont have them in the sop just ask, I know they do Acai, but personally I would rather buy it from Shazzie at Detox your world with Shazzie you know its organic and Raw.

    Many local health food shops do Raw, In Leeds they have LOADS of Raw Chocolate Varieties and spiriulina powder and lots of things.

    But mainly I rely on the internet.

    P.S Does anyone know a website where I can get Chia and Irish Moss from?

  • Elfwin,

    Please check the link below:

    Suki has the best info ever for UK.

    Hope it helps in your journey!!

  • Raw Passion:- I think Kate Magic's site Rawliving has both Chia and Irish Moss at the mo! x

  • Hi,

    I just want to say that where i live in Somerset, we are lucky enough to have a good health food shop in Glastonbury.

    However, for the best Coconut butter, and hand picked nuts etc, I use a company called Tree harvest.

    Unfortunately they are not online ass such, if you google them they have their contact number. just call and order, and they deliver anywhere in the UK, but seriously the quality is fantastic.

    there are a few places mentioned on our forum at UK RAW FOOD NETWORK :) might be worth having a look.

    Please ask if you require more specific info about where to buy raw food :)

    All the best,

    James Alexander :)

    P.S: most super markets and holland & barrat etc, are Not Raw!

    I have a nice little article about oils on the forum:

    the same principle applies to nuts...

  • Does anyone know where I can buy online Young Thai Coconuts. They seem impossible to get in the UK.

  • I'd avoid Holland and Barrett, it's all overpriced bland shite in my experience. Look for places that do box schemes, I get a pile of random organic fruit and vegetables at almost wholesale price delivered to my front door every Wednesday. Independent health food shops are perfect for stuff like quinoa, hemp, goji, chia, bulk dried stuff, and some do fresh organic produce. Ethnic shops are great for unusual (for western Europe) fruit and vegetables. I don't like most supermarket produce, it tends to be grown with lots of chemicals and badly-treated workers, especially Tesco and the likes.

  • FeeFee Raw Master


    I have got Chia seeds and other things from They have been fast and reasonably priced. I have used all of detoxyourworld, rawliving and funky raw and all are good although the postage can mount up at times.

    Sv3 have you been to Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton? They are a vegan co-operative and I think they are fantastic. I come down from Blackburn every few months and stock up on nuts and seeds. It is the only place I can get non-chopped up kale from.


  • sv3sv3

    Hi Fee,

    Yes! I have been to Unicorn a few times and love it there. I end up spending so much though. :-)

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