Hi! I'm Rin from Toronto! :)

Hi there!

I'm Rin, 20-ish busy/poor student/artist/designer living in downtown Toronto, Canada. I love yoga, stuffed animals, and smoothies! I also love watching TED talks, and have an interest in all things food (nutrition, food production, etc).

I have had IBS my whole life, which prompted me to go 100% vegan in July. Coupled with a daily dose of Metamucil, that seemed to get rid of all intestinal problems, until recently when I got a weird stomach bug that stuck around for 2 months. It went away after I fasted (thank god), but during that whole crummy period I did a lot of research on raw foods and after those few months it is something I want to transition towards.

After my fast I did Gillian McKeith's raw detox food list thing (and have been off Metamucil since!), and since then I've been feeling fine, and my digestion has been on track! As well as incorporating raw foods into my diet, and trying to eliminate processed foods, I've also tried to incorporate the ideas of food combining into my diet. I would LOVE to talk to anyone about food combining! I do believe it has definitely helped my digestion a lot! I have watched a lot of docs on raw foods and heard from many people about their potential for healing. I love savory foods and kind of hate salads, so if anyone has any suggestions or recipes to get some veggies in sneakily that would be awesome!

So far I've found raw food cooking/meal planning to be really tedious and time consuming, but I'm hoping that it is just something that comes with new habits - eventually, I hope, it will just become second nature!

Currently I am reading The Thrive Diet, by Brendan Brazier. :)

Feel free to say hi, I need someone to hold my hand on this journey, lol!

I also have a blog, which I just started. It is: http://vegn.wordpress.com - do you have a blog? Hook me up!

x0x0 Rin :)

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