Frozen Fruit

I see some raw food recipes with frozen fruit in them. I thought freezing does the same thing as cooking(kills the enzymes). Any other thoughts or comments on this?


  • Frozen fruit is the next best thing to fresh.

    Actually, fresh may contain less nutrients in it, if it is old fruit.

    In other words, the frozen fruit may have been frozen early after the fruit was picked, therefore would have the higher nutrient content minus the enzymes.

    Your stomach destroys the enzymes before digestion, so i wouldn't worry too much about them.

  • I live in Florida so we get pretty fresh fruit here.

    So if enzymes are not important, then whats the benefit of eating raw?

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    freezing does kill a few of the nutrients in some foods but nothing compared to cooking. the way to test enzymes is to see if they sprout again after freezing. the answer is yes for many things. think about the earth and how things still grow after being frozen all winter. and how even embryos can be frozen and turned into a human being. so freezing does not kill like heat does.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    raw candian and raw crossfitter, enzymes are actually pretty important. i have read they are more essential in the mouth though while chewing.

    however people who lack enzymes to digest certain foods have a lot of gastrointestinal distress. therefore i think enzymes are essential in other ideas of the digestive tract.

  • M42M42


    I think the explanation people use for the raw diet is partly that enzymes pre-digest food before it goes through the stomach (after which they are destroyed). That would suggest enzymes are important. From what I learned, enzymes are not destroyed by cooling (only deactivated until re-heated), however they are destroyed by heating. That was just about lower temperature though; if all the cells become solid instead of liquid (a.k.a. they freeze) that may have a vastly different effect, Im not sure.

    I personally prefer to just look at the results I and others get, and if that's good then the explanation may be interesting but not as convincing. I don't believe enough is known about biology to make interesting predictions based on the theories. Rather, the theories are made such that they suit the results (which isn't very surprising, but not very useful outside science yet). I haven't noticed adverse effects of frozen food for myself yet, except it tastes somewhat less good.



  • My stomach personally isn't very fond of frozen stuff. I love banana "ice cream" but my stomach doesn't... aw shucks :(

    Anyway this leads me to believe that it definitely alters something. It might be better than cooking, but I find it is still harder on my digestion than plain ol' raw fruits.

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