Funny article -raw too??

Does the same apply to raw I wonder!!!!

A kinda silly but controversial article on ABC news online…

‘Vegansexuals’ Do It With Each Other Study Says Vegans Find Meat Eaters Sexually Repulsive…

This article is getting more comments than any of the serious news up there! You can post your own comments too. It is a pretty heated and in some places slightly immature conversation level – but a good opportunity to put forth some valuable information!



  • That’s funny, I saw that article too. Makes sense to me.

  • I can see the logic… but I’m pretty sure my ominvore husband might have a problem if I were to take that attitude! ;o)

  • I read that today too, and I have always felt that way myself.

  • I think this kind of life style could break up a lot of relationships. That happens to a lot of people out here when they become born again. They separate themselves from their spouse and sometimes even from their children. It’s sad.

    I think it’s important to integrate as much as possible but sometimes a person needs to start over if their partner is combative about their newer healthier decisions.

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