Does it sound like my dehydrator is broken...raw chocolate melting help!!


So I am trying to melt Cocoa butter so that I can make some delicious raw chocolate. I put it in my excalibur and set it to 95 degrees. It has been almost an hour and it is not even soft. I grated it, but also left some chunks in there to see what happens. I haven't used my dehydrator for a while and don't know if this is normal. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you!


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    the food in the dehydrator does not get to the temperature of the knob right away. that is why numerous raw food chefs and even people at ann wigmore have said you can safely jack up the temperature to 135 for about an hour. I have also put a thermometer in my dehydrator and it is always at least 5 degrees lower than the know in the air inside.

    therefore, turn up the heat on the dehydrator if you choose to use that method. i personally prefer to place the bowl of cacao butter over a bowl of warm water and have it melt that way. much quicker.

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