What local stores can I look for DIY makeup ingredients

I would like to make a tinted moisturizer myself or something like BB cream, eyebrow powder and maybe lip balms. I have got recipes, but I have no idea where I could get these things. I would prefer local stores because I have to look for suitable

colors for my complexion. I would appreciate any suggestions , thanks a lot for your help.

olive wax

bees wax




color powder

titanium dioxide

hyaluronic acid



what else?


  • Why why why why do you want to put any of that muck on your skin? It all gets absorbed you know!

  • what? that's not even vegan for most of it.

  • jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

    I second superfood's comment. I understand many vegans don't have a issue with bee products, but placenta? Can't get more non-vegan than that.

    You want to put THIS on your face???


    Why not just moisturize your skin with olive oil, coconut oil, etc? You can use them plain or make an actual recipe. Here's a great and simple recipe with an article:


    Ever wondered which ingredient makes up the largest percentage in lotions? Water! If you look at the ingredients list on product labels, you will notice that water is almost always listed first, meaning it is the most predominant ingredient in the product. And, it is also

  • I use dehydrated beetroot juice, mix it with some oil or water for blush and lipstick stain :)

    You can probably make beetroot juice powder (make it raw!) or get a pre-fab powder online

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