Heyy! I was wondering if someone knows how many grams of protein am I supposed to consume everyday if I weight around 47 kilos. How do you know?? Anxiously waiting the feedback!!


  • 10% of your total calories should come from protein .. so 47 kilos is what? ehhh ... 103 lbs? it depends on how many calories you consume actually.. I weight 120 so for me usually I eat over 2000 like 2400 I do 80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat (at least I aim for that) so 2400x.1=240 that means 240 calories need to be from protein and 240 need to come from fat the rest is carbs usually from fruit!

    check out 80/10/10 low fat raw vegan is a helpful site as well. There are good youtube videos up about it too. This is just what I do, I don't know how you're eating and what not. Nutridiary and crownometer are good ways to keep up with your intake and it will do the calculations for you!! I hope this helps out I know it can be frustrating making sure youre getting enough but it is literally impossible not to get enouch protein when youre eating enough calories. Ex a cucumber is 11% protein. Here is my blog I am stating what I eat daily on it now!!

  • Ketrin thanks a lot!! This is so helpful and sure I'll be following your blog from now on!!

  • hey thanks girl! anytime :D my username/name on 30 ban a day is ketrin so if you join it add me as a friend on there!!

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