Mineralizing Sprouts

I saw Kevin Gianni of the Renegade Health Show use OceanGrown to mineralize his sprouts so it started to make me think if I could use something I already have to mineralize my sprouts and soaked nuts/seeds by just adding it to the water it'll soak up. I was thinking Kelp powder? Thoughts?


  • I need to get on my laptop later, I noted out how much salt is in ocean water (approximately), and made some "ocean water" with celtic sea salt, then I add 1/2 tbs of that to a gallon of water. My plants are really happy. Though kelp could work. In my organic gardening book they suggest collecting beached kelp and fermenting it in a barrel to dilute and feed to plants. I just think it's easier to do the salt thing. I'll write myself a note, as I am forgetful, but I will get that later.

  • 1 tbs. of sea salt per liter of water is approx. the equivelant of ocean water. After mixing that, I take a half of a tbs. of the mixture and put it into a gallon of water.

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