Thinning out my blender formulas - is veggie broth bad?

To thin out my blender feeds (I live on a somach tube) so that they're not so thick I can't push them through the tube, and also to ensure adequate water intake, I've been adding a cup or two of plain water when I blend up my meals. But I've heard from some people that should never do this, as it dilutes things too much and interferes with proper digestion of the nutrients and can even cause my body to flush out the feeds without sufficient absorption. I was told by someone with a tubefed child that I should always thin out the feeds with broth, juice, milk substitutes, or even tea, but never plain water.

I'd thought of using leftover broth from when I make veggie soup for my sibs (cooked, neither of them are raw), but wonder if this would have any adverse effect? It's not a cooked *food* per se. I realize the enzymes/nutrients in it may be dead or whatnot, but isthere anything actually deranged or toxic in homemade veggie stock/broth?

As for milk substitutes, I don't want to jack my fat content by thinning stuff out with 2c of hemp milk or anything every time, and besides I have to check the ingredient label first because I'm allergic to corn and don't know what additives Hemp Bliss may have. I would never use almond breeze, too many additives and very unraw. Rice milk wouldn't jack the fat content, but it's not raw and I don't know if it would be bad for me.

I thought maybe get some organic cranberry juice or apple cider, although they're not raw?

I don't want to spend the time making juice in the blender and straining it and having it sit in the fridge and oxidize just so I can add it back into my blender meals, it would be time consuming and I don't know how cost-efficient it would be, either.

Although I thought of maybe making something like date milk, because it won't affect fat intake, it's raw, and I don't think I'll have the same problems with worrying about oxidization compared to say an apple or an orange.



  • I think water is fine and actually preferable but veggie broth is great, too. :)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i'd still go with water or juice. i think you should invest in a good juicer, if you can. or even just a citrus juicer which are pretty cheap. i love grapefruit and orange juices added to my smoothies and on their own. you could also do your own nut/seed milks. i mean, you usually have to strain them anyways and i don't think they have too much fat, at least not compared to eating plain nuts.

  • If you want to use leftover broth, I don't see anything wrong with it (I'd do it if it was what I had on hand). It would add nutrients, and that's what you need. I do think juiced citrus if possible (which keeps well in the fridge) is a good idea as it helps alot of nutrients absorb better (one being iron). :)

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    How about adding some miso paste--that will add some probiotics, as well as salt. It would be easier than making vegetable broth--which isn't a bad idea, mind you.

  • I think miso would not be good to add. It's got soy, unnatural sodium, etc. :(

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    superfood2, you can get miso made from things other than soy.

    i can't believe people on this forum are suggesting she go against medical advice! who here knows anything about feeding tubes? jakkrabbit, please do not use the advice in this forum as a subsitute for medical advice. if need be ask a raw food coach or professional over the advice here. some people have given misleading information in the past and it could be dangerous.

    if you are not supposed to use water, then don't! for milks, i would make my own nutmilk. you can also make banana milk because it blends very well. if you are allowed to eat banana.

    if i were to make a really nourishing veggie stock I would do it with only veggies (no salt). perhaps consult a macrobiotic recipe book for ideas.

  • jakkrabbitjakkrabbit Raw Newbie

    How do you make banana milk, vs just a banana smoothie? Just strain it? How long does it keep for?

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