How can I make my own Kitz snacks?

Should I try to make these raw food snacks myself from the ingredients list?

They are made by Kitz from Gold Coast Australia (I live in Melbourne Australia). I have a dehydrator at home.

The ingredients are listed in order of quantity ie most first, second most second etc

Simply Granola

Ingredients: Sprouted raw buckwheat, chemical free dates, organic sultanta, organic coconut, organic raw ground vanilla, organic cinnamon

Choci jo

Ingredients: Organic raw buckwheat, chemical free dates, organic sultantas, organic conconut, organic raw cacao powder, organic raw gruond vanilla bean, organic cinnamon.

Additional info on pack (for both)

Raw buckwheat kernels are socaked in purified woater to bring them to life thaen combined with fresh ingredients and dehydrated at low temperatures to produce highly nutritious and easily digested.

It is expensive to buy them and the company won't give me the exact recipe.

Does anyone know similar recipes?


  • That should be easy! That is, if your health store carries buckwheat. :P If so, you just soak the buckwheat for 2-8 hours, drain, rinse, and dehydrate them. After looking at the Kitz site, it appears they make a date-sultana paste and mix the coconut, cacao, dehydrated buckwheat etc with it, and dehydrate that after. You could try that or just mix everything together as is for loose granola. Good luck!!

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