working out again, appetite increase, gorged.

well, i had taken a month off of the gym, due to some personal issues, and started back last week. i noticed my appetite increased a LOT!

yesterday i broke down and had meat AND dairy for lunch, AND dinner... not normal. i've been only doing 1 meat meal a day (if that) for 2 weeks almost. i think.

anywayl.... i had a LOT of food yesterday.

i had a green smoothie for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, with CRACKERS, another no no for me....then i came home had a packet of tuna with MAYO!, 4 more crackers, ani's baja tacos, some blackberries, a few strawberries, and a 1/4 c of cereal... then i even ate a chicken nugget! i don't hardly ever eat those... but my husband was waving it around. Up until yesterday, i haven't even craved meat but every once in a while. it's like i went nuts with cravings, and wanted it all at one time. i was so dissappointed because in spite of working out i still gained a lb! i had very little water yesterday and retain it BADLY.

any suggestions on how i can avoid this, and whaty may have caused the sudden compulsive need to gorge?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    not sure what caused the sudden compulsiveness to gorge but it happens dont fret over it is the best thing you can do, stressing only wears out your adrenal glands long term.

    but you cant have gained a pound of weight overnight.


  • I eat more when I work out more too. And now that I'm managing to make some headway with lowering my body fat % and increasing muscle, I think my metabolism has stepped up a bit. I occasionally overdo it and it doesn't seem to make much difference, whereas I would really notice it in my belly before. lol Try to have the "good stuff" on hand for when you really need it, like after a workout. I used nuts a lot when I first went more raw to feel full, then my body adjusted and I didn't need to rely on them as much.


  • Find raw equivalents to foods that you indulge in and always have good foods available. If certain foods are a temptation to you, remove them from your home. Plan ahead. If you find you're SUPER hungry after workouts now, always have a snack ready for when your workout is done.

    I also agree that you can't get yourself down from eating lots in one day. It was one day. All you can say is "I enjoyed it and now I'm moving on and eating what feels right." Getting upset about it can only lead to other letdowns.

    I hope that was helpful!

  • Have you thought about keeping a vegan only kitchen?

    I haven't had meat in my house for over 20 years, and if I really need dairy I used the processed almond, hemp or coconut milks.

    I could never keep dead animal flesh in my kitchen, but that is just my own opine.

  • i cannot keep all of the things that tempt me out of the house,the rest of my family are meat eaters... so the animal flesh is here for now. :) ha he

    i went and bought some luna bars for after workout and baggies to seperate my salads and stuff for when i am in a hurry. I'm going to keep fruit prechopped etc there for quick fixes. i'll let you know how it works. ;0)

  • I have been giving into cravings lately... i used to never do that hardly.. i would say what is more important a french fry or being fat.. I have been under lots of stress lately, i think that is part of it too. so how do you keep the sugar in the fruit from hurting your teeth???

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