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More and More NON vegans or even Vegetarians on this site

Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

Is it me or are there more and more NON vegans or even vegetarians on this site now. I know I am going to get hit with the 'well I REALLY like raw foods too' but isn't this a RAW VEGAN forum. I understand wanting to research raw foods but why join a RAW VEGAN forum? I love that people are looking more into raw foods but I find it disrespectful for more and more people to bring up the fact that they LOVE eating RAW meat and dairy products. Especially when the majority of the vegans here do it for ethical reasons. We want to come to a place where we are free from that.....at leats I though. Thats not why I joined a raw community forum.

I know people will advise me to to skip over certain posts then but thats not the point. The point is that I am here on a RAW VEAGAN community forum wanting to share my beliefs and advice with fellow raw vegans..or even vegans!!!!! I can understand vegans coming here trying to make the transition and needing help. We have all been there but I just dont get it!

What do others think of the fact that we are getting more and more meat eaters and non vegans? Any thoughts?

Please dont attack me if you eat meat and try to justify why you are here... I am very understanding but just scratches my head at this situation. I just want to know what other's opinion are on the subject!



  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I don't have a problem with it, personally. I guess I grew up eating meat and dairy and some raw foodists feel that it's still necessary to include it in their diet. I like reading everyone's point of view on it.

  • It gets a bit annoying when discussions about raw animal products come up, in my view that stuff has no place on a vegan forum. Obviously everyone can decide for themselves what to do with their own bodies, but we don't need to read about it, and it's not really appropriate to talk about meat and dairy as food on here.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    Maybe the site godz need to make it more clear on the home page that we are vegan?

    Before I became raw I was getting a lot of my recipes from vegweb who is very clear about being vegan.

    I know this site says on the top: "sharing raw, vegan recipes and advice" , but it is kind of small text maybe it needs to be made bigger?

    I can understand the frustration at someone coming on here and talking about raw meat (BLECH!).

    It is kind of repulsive to those of us who are not just vegan for health reasons but because we love and care about our fellow animals.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Hear, hear. I don't mind diversity, but there are other forums for raw meat/dairy discussions.

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Raw meat is a little worisome even for those of us who did start raw veganism for health reasons ( for example food borne bacteria, soiled environment, soiled living conditions, bacterial issues compounded by excessive antibiotics, etc. etc.). You may find that a lot of us that started out doing this for health reasons stay on the diet for ethical reasons as well. Meat didn't used to bother me and I ate it (cooked) quite a bit, but the more I read up on it (and how can you not on this diet), the more disturbed I am. My husband is an omnivore though, so living with someone who has this lifestyle makes me a little less affected by the comments in general, but I see your point. I don't view animals as our spiritual equals personally, but I also think they shouldn't be crammed into small cages, fed the garbage they are given, or mistreated.

    If they are open to learning more about a raw vegan's point of view, I don't mind it. I've had healthy debates with people that didn't turn irrational or heated. It bugs me when people just want to stir the pot a bit and get a reaction. I suppose that's my cue to ignore and move on, but sometimes I'm too tempted :)

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    No threads or tangents trying to convince us to eat meat.

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    Yah... people have the right to chose what is right for their bodies and I completely respect that. I just dont want to hear about on it on a Raw Vegan website how eating raw meat is 'beneficial' and people cant understand how raw vegans get 'complete nutrition' nutrition without.

    I feel like it is the equivalent of going to a forum dedicated to '101 ways to prepare and bbq meat' and then leaving a recipe for a salad.

    Like I said.... I have no qualms with people eating raw meat or animal products but just find it odd that they need to post about it on the forums.......

  • I for one, just mentioned the fact that i am transitioning, and slipped up, eating 2 meat meals yesterday, instead of the one i allowed for teh first week. next week, it will lessen. next it will go away. i know many people on here came from diverse backgrounds, and i am trying to stop eating meat for both ethical and health. I do not like the corporate greed and unethical killing of animals for food. I do not wish for anything to suffer. I was raised on meat though, and i am trying really hard to change my past habits of 30 something years. People do need to respect what the site is dedicated to, and obviously not contribute non raw recipes, or non vegan ones.... but I hope that people like me can share what we are going through and gain advice from others who have been there before us. After all we all had to have a little help...

  • threnodythrenody Raw Newbie

    I agree with you - it is discouraging to see this. It has nothing to do with what they eat, when the point is that they post about and especially argue about it here, posting links to anti-vegetarian articles and asking leading questions about why animal products aren't good.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    scphotography- I don't think this thread is about frustrations about those who are transitioning, it's about those who come on here and try to slag on veganism by trying to make claims that our choice of life style is wrong.

    We as vegans live in a meat intensive world, we come here as a safe place to commune, support and share recipes with other vegans, and to help those like yourself who are trying to be a raw vegan.

    But, every once in a while some *&%%$# starts a "what is wrong with raw meat/dairy" thread with links to rude statements and remarks about our animal product free life style.

    Many of us hear enough of that in our everyday real lives, why do we need to deal with it in our "safe place"?

    I usually try to ignore those threads, but I can see why it bothers people.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    iliveyourdream, you make some good points certainly. Gone Raw is, first and foremost, a place for raw, vegans to gather and encourage each other. We'll definitely take note of requests to make the vegan part more obvious. When we first encountered raw foods way back when, we were under the impression that all raw was vegan and therefore didn't do a lot to differentiate. We know much more now.

    As far as who is taking part in Gone Raw - postings that are encouraging folks to add meat to their diets are inappropriate for a site like this. If you see them, please use the "mark as abuse" link. While the wording sounds harsh, it does help us keep the posts topical.

    However, there is no prerequisite that everyone is 100% raw, vegan on the site. Only that we are all on a journey. Our hope is that scphotography and others transitioning to a vegan diet find encouragement and love here while they make their way.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    "sharing raw, vegan recipes and advice"

    This is the definition of the website. Not "health advice" or "raw advice". raw. vegan. advice.

  • i completely understand not wanted to have mud slinging in your safe place...i came here because i wanted to discuss things with like minded individuals... so i understand where your frustration is coming from...

    What i find in the world of forums, is there are some really mean people out there, and they are rude sometimes.... i also hate that you can't tell the tone of voice.

    i have been on some christian forums years ago, that made me so mad i had to stop going... there was so much arguing, i said, not this christian... i'm not going on there. i would get on there ready to discuss exciting new findings in nthe word, and leave berated. so i understand completely, and do NoT feel left out at all, just realize my vocalizing my shortcomings isn't meant to offend, it is just truth. i do not put on fake face... i am real, and tell it that way. ;0)

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    scphotography- I honestly don't think anything you posted has offended anyone.

    There have been others who do come on here who have tried to slag on veganism and tried to push raw animal products, which is out of place.


  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    heh..... no I dont think anything anyhting scphoto had posted anything offensive. It was just an observation I made overall.... Hearing more and more people discussing meat.

    Clearly we dont expect everyone here to be 100% raw and we help people through their transitioning phases... and being how they are forums we will never be 100% blissfully happy with the results. This is the only raw forum I use. I simply cant do some of the other ones.

    I just dont want to hear how 'beneficial' eating raw carcass is :) it is simply not the goal for most people here to incorporate raw meat into their diets so believe it needs to left for other forums sharing the same beliefs.

    Kandace....I know you have alot on your hands with this kind of stuff for I have seen other posts by people wanting to leave the site because of it so this is in no way a bitch or rant to how things are working around here. I am so thankful to have good forums I can visit..even if its just in spurts! Like previously stated it was just a 'scratches head' moment for myself!



  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I think the raw meat eaters want people who are similar to talk to, just as vegans like to talk to other vegans sometimes. It's understandable. They should try Give it to Me Raw. I guess there's lots of animal-product eaters on that site and/or people who care more about supposed health benefits of animal foods than the exploitation/harming/killing of animals.

  • Well I understand people who eat Raw Meat, because techincally the website doesnt specify Vegan it just takes the assumption most people are.

    Then again I understand even those with a S.A.D diet who are looking for inspiration, some people dont want to go step by step, they want to be part of the Raw world to see if they are comfortable with it.

    Unless threads change to 'Got any good beef recipes' etc then there is no harm in it.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    "sharing raw, vegan recipes and advice"

    The admins should create a code of conduct so that we can all have some more explicit guidelines. Otherwise its more of an opinion what people can and can't post about

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    I think it's fine for ANYONE to be on this site as long as they are interested in raw vegan recipes etc.

    It shouldn't matter if someone eats meat themselves as long as they aren't using the forum to advise others here to do the same.

    By allowing meat eaters on this forum we have a better chance of converting more people to raw vegan!!! Isn't that a good thing? ;)

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    I was a raw vegan for some time and was when I joined this forum. And even though im a raw paleoist now I still know tons of info on raw veganism so I just post stuff. But i don't post about eating meat.

  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    i have started to spend more time on 30bananas because they have a clearer vegan stance and even though i havent committed to a low fat diet (not sure if i am going to ever work this one out) i can spend more energy on constructive discussions. i will still pop in here as i continue to explore my beleifs regarding high fat/ low fat raw veganism.

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