HELP!!!! i'm having a hard time starting and sticking to raw vegan

ok, so i've tried going raw vegan before, but i get crazy cravings and end up eating a bit. usually it's cooked veggies, or something crunchy like chips. i want to lose like 20 pounds or so, be healthier, and clear up my skin, which is why i chose raw vegan. i'm already a vegetarian. anyways, how to i fight cravings? what are your tips for success? any other advice? thanks!

btw, i bought the 80 10 10 diet book and it finally came in the mail yesterday, so i've started reading bits of it.

also, did you lose weight when you went raw? how much/how fast?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    having as many raw foods and or recipes so if i felt like i was going to cheat id make something just as tasty raw.

    remember losing weight its about taking in less calories, are you exercising burn off more calories and you'll lose the weight.


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