In need of health advice

Im quite worried for someone my age I know I shouldnt be getting this but I am. I have weak joints, my bones crack easily and doing some moves can hurt me easily.

I was doing some yoga and my hip bone made a cracking noise and how hurts. I've always had weak bones, Im small in height and figure I blame this to have little vitamins as a child. I kid you not all I lived off was fishfingers, chips, beans, sausages, eggs and the occasional yorkshire pudding. Oh and lots of sweets so I dont think I ever got the addequate vitamins.

I've always had trouble with my bones and joints, I have weak ankles and hips anyway - amusingly Im actually a bellydancer (which is based on hips) but at home I walk around on my tiptoes.

But recently its got worse, which is apparantly a calcium defficency, any tips of what to talk and what food are rich in calcium - as Im not 100% Raw, Im open to beans/grains and such but I am Vegan. So, how can I get back the health development I missed?



  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Could be a number of deficiences such as calcium, magnesium or silica.

    Any other symptoms such as digestive problems or just the bones, Taking a good acidified calcium/magnesium supplement could be a good idea.


  • Lots and lots of dark leafy greens!! You may want to see a natural doctor to discuss supplementing until your levels are safe, and keep a close eye on the nutrition you do get from food. There are a number of sites that offer nutritional data and facts, some even calculate your entire days food into vitamins.

    Quinoa, various types of white beans, and unshelled sesame seeds have calcium. Silica, I know is in cuccumber peeling, the herb fo-ti, among a number of things I cannot remember at the moment, make sure to get 10 minutes of sun (when it is out) for vitamin D, Cacao, and buckwheat have magnesium. Greens as I said before, take care of your bones and joints alot for the above reasons and more. Eat them with every meal!

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